It’s the first week of November, and you’re prepping for the arrival of your loved ones for Family Weekend. But what are you going to actually do once they’re here? Don't worry, because we've put together the perfect guide on showing off the town you now call home.

First, food spots. If you want to give your loved ones the full student experience, go for a sweet treat at Evanston staple Andy’s Frozen Custard to sample one of their seasonal fall flavors or grab some comforting diner grub at Clarke’s.

If you want a caffeine boost, check out Colectivo, Peet’s or “Sherbucks” for a peek at the coffeeshops where students spend time studying (especially once exam season rolls around). Another family-friendly locale is Ovo Frito Cafe, a brunch restaurant near the corner of Maple and Foster which serves up inventive items such as spicy chilaquiles and breakfast tortas. Quite the departure from a dining hall breakfast!

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, use your time with your parents to take advantage of a pricier, fancier food option before going back on the budget of a college student. I tried NaKorn, an 'urban Thai' restaurant in downtown Evanston with modern decor whose coconut-curry braised chicken is well worth the price tag. Other parental-budget options include Found Kitchen, which boasts "downtown Evanston’s best brunch," and Lyfe-Kitchen-replacement Next of Kin, which includes both a restaurant and a cafe.

For the vegetarians out there, first year journalism and neuroscience student Soumya Jhaveri suggests suggests Blind Faith Cafe. The completely vegetarian restaurant was perfect for her all-vegetarian family. For a comforting breakfast the morning of move-in, first year chemical engineering student Juliet Ablaza went to Le Peep, a casual brunch place that serves delicious pancakes. She recommends getting the punch card, because “on Mondays you get double punches.”

Besides eating out, enjoy the warmer fall weather while it’s still there! If you have the time, take a walk through campus. Show off your dorm and enjoy the breeze the Lakefill has to offer. Depending on the season, make sure to catch a sports game; it’s the most surefire way to make sure your family feels the school spirit as much as you do!