Yes, I know we’re quickly approaching a terribly snowy winter with relatively sunless days. I know the palette of choice for this time of year is rather dreary and drab, much like the environment. And yes, I know — neon doesn’t seem to merit a love letter.

But I think differently.

I am passionate about many things. I love doing laundry at unconventional hours, reading strangers’ palms and learning languages for fun. But in terms of colors and patterns, I’m a huge fan of anything bright and brazen; neon is the perfect junction of both.

fashion neon GIF by Kervin Brisseaux

Neon cannot be simply reduced to an element on the periodic table. Neon has been making headlines all year as of early spring, but I definitely believe it’s a trend that can be extended into this terrible winter. There’s nothing needed more in these dark times than a pop of color, even if it’s just a bold hat or funky pair of fun earrings.

Fashion is cyclical, therefore it’s no surprise to me that this trend popped back to popularity after its boom in the 1980s. While the leg warmers and the hairsprayed hairdos have thankfully died out, this palette dominated the runway at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. And for good reason! Neon is unique and youthful, reminiscent of coloring books from the third-grade brimming with highlighter doodles.

That’s what makes neon so fun. Even though most of us at NU are mostly adults, we don’t have to resign ourselves to the business casual culture. There is freedom to be found in clothing and while it’s hard to be creative with our outfits in the dead of winter, playing around with colors can be uplifting. Hard days are made a little easier when I put in extra effort in my appearance, rather than when I just grab my usual dad sweater.

Photo Credits to Daisy Alvarez

Neon can be daunting for a lot of people. It’s not just colorful — it’s color taken to what many would consider an obnoxious level. But when done right, the result can be amazing. If you’re just starting to delve into the world of neon, I suggest starting out with some fun makeup! I’ve found working with neon makeup to be relatively easy in terms of technique; the color is bright enough, so I don’t feel the need to be too fancy with the rest of my face. A great neon green palette to start off with can be found here.

Photo Credits to Bailey Richards

So with that, start shedding the sad grays and dreary blues in your closet. Just because this season looks so dismal doesn’t mean you have to!