For those of you Wildcats who are coupled up, we’re here to remind you that Valentine’s Day season is here! Haven’t planned anything to do with your significant other for the big day? Luckily, Valentine's Day isn't the only day you can celebrate. We’ve compiled a list of some highly romantic activities to do with the love of your life that we guarantee will strengthen your relationship. Our years of being single make us supremely qualified to be giving advice, and we assure you that our tried and true methods will make this Valentine’s season unforgettable.

1. Take a walk around the Lakefill

An icy lakefill view of Lake Michigan.

Photo and illustration by Samantha Cho / North by Northwestern

Take a romantic walk around the Lakefill because it’s definitely not cold out! Bonus points if you can make it all the way around the lake without being attacked by geese. We also highly recommend dancing on the heaps of snow that have washed up against the rocks. It’s not technically ice so it must not be slippery!

2. Couples photoshoot and romantic picnic in Tech

Samantha's selfie from Tech.

Photo and illustration by Samantha Cho / North by Northwestern

What better way to celebrate your love than to immortalize it in a photograph taken in the most maze-like building on campus? Get lost in Northwestern’s Technological Institute and snap some photos of what is sure to be a memorable time. Grab a romantic “daily hot lunch” at Tech Express to reward yourselves for the exercise!

3. Do the ultimate Chicago "L" scavenger hunt – can you hit every stop in a day?

NBN’s Spring statistics for gender identity.

Photo and illustration by Samantha Cho / North by Northwestern

Picture this romantic movie: in a twist of fate, two people destined for each other end up trapped on public transportation for an inordinate amount of time. Forced to pass nine stressful hours together, they each find themselves baring their souls like never before and forming an unbreakable bond. Lucky for you Wildcat couples, you already have a partner, so this Valentine’s Day, do the Chicago "L" scavenger hunt courtesy of the Chicago Transit Authority for only $2.50 a person. There’s truly no better way to get to know someone than being stuck with them on the "L" for nine hours as you try to hit every stop. Interested in making it an annual thing? Time yourselves and see if you can beat it next Valentine’s Day!

4. Stargazing

Two people lying in the snow, pointing at the sky.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Sanchez / North by Northwestern, illustration courtesy of Samantha Cho / North by Northwestern

Couples always see the stars in each others’ eyes. Change it up a bit and see the actual stars with the star of your life. With chilly temperatures perfect for inducing frostbite, the ideal place to stargaze is in the snow outside any dorm or on the icy sidewalk next to your off-campus residence. This also allows passersby to live vicariously through you as they can warm up at the sight of your love. The light pollution from the city makes it easier to focus on the only two stars you’re able to see. Don’t mind that your hands are turning blue – simply make it the perfect excuse to hold hands with your partner and cuddle up.

5. Couple’s shower (or spa day?) at Kresge or Mudd

Samantha standing under a showerhead.

Samantha in the basement of Kresge. Photo and illustration by Samantha Cho / North by Northwestern

Fantasizing about a spa date with your special someone but operating on a tight budget? Kresge Hall and Mudd Library have you covered with their complimentary showers and sexy fluorescent lighting. If you need a guide to help make your DIY-spa day a reality, check out NBN’s guide on the best Mudd Library has to offer, or recreate the experience in Kresge.

6. Commit a (minor) crime together

Teamwork makes the dream work! A relationship means being with each other in good times and in bad. Test their loyalty by committing a crime together, like stealing 4,500 Northwestern-owned COVID-19 test kits. DISCLAIMER: this is illegal.

7. Work out together!

Someone on an elliptical.

The 1838 Chicago fitness room. Photo courtesy of Ashley Sanchez / North by Northwestern

Not only will you work on your communication, since planning which machines to use is difficult work, but your love will inspire the singles at the gym to work even harder. #TrainTogetherStayTogether #LoveIsInTheAir #GoodThingI’mWearingMyMask

8. Take a Safe Ride to Target.

The Safe Ride homescreen saying no rides are available due to high demand.

Safe Rides are often too full to secure a ride.

Nothing says “I love you” like last-minute shopping for your S.O. Request a luxurious Safe Ride – at least 2 hours in advance to have better luck at scoring a ride with them – cruise in your luxurious limo to Downtown Evanston’s Target. Target is bursting with sweet and sexy Valentine’s gifts for your special someone.

Ashley points a toy gun at her friend in the Target aisles.  Ashley and Gabriela holding a fake plant at Target.

Some Target shenanigans with Ashley and Gabriela. Photos courtesy of Ashley Sanchez / North by Northwestern

Get each other a planner, so you can schedule seeing each other between finals. Skip the classic heart chocolate box and opt for a cooking pan to symbolize moving in together. Get a toy gun because you shot your way into their heart ;). Show them you’re committed to them by buying a fake plant together; it’ll never die, just like your love for each other!

That’s a wrap from us. Which of you Wildcat couples will be daring enough to go against the grain this year to make Valentine’s Day more exciting? We look forward to hearing your stories, and if any of our advice makes your Valentine’s Day season a smashing success, you’re legally obligated to invite us to your wedding.