A few months ago, I was an average Twitter user. I checked the app twice a day: when I woke up and before I went to bed, just to see if any huge news had happened or if any celebrities had been cancelled for a particularly compelling reason. Those days are over now. I check Twitter enough that I regularly run out of content and have to switch to a different app (like Facebook) for more entertainment. On top of that, at least 65 percent of my feed is terrifying doomsday articles. Everyone could use an updated Twitter experience these days, so here are six accounts that will make your day at least a little better.  

  1. Brian Jordan Alvarez (@brianjoralvarez)

Nothing quite captures the quarantine descent into madness like Brian Jordan Alvarez’s Twitter account. From doing TikTok dances in his underwear to making parody videos of a spirit leader to impersonating southern women, each new week brings a new theme to his tweets.

2.   timodeep chalamesh (@rishipuff)

Rishi is a Northwestern student who is gaining popularity on Twitter. His tweets about school via Zoom, Northwestern and general quarantine nonsense are the perfect mix of funny and relatable. He also tweets pretty regularly, so this account is a great addition to your timeline when you're constantly refreshing Twitter.

3.   Donni Saphire (@donni)

Donni is a comedian who lives in Chicago. His tweets are usually funny, but my favorite thing is watching him tweet a similar joke in a few different ways. It feels like an insight into how to be a comedy writer, and what better time is there to learn more about that profession but now?

4.   Am I the Asshole? (@AITA_reddit)

These tweets are very long, but you have the time now. The account posts photos of Reddit posts where people describe a situation in which they did something that didn’t turn out well and then ask: “Am I the asshole?” Some people have done some interesting things, and there is no better way to spend your days than reading about them and being glad they are not you.

5.   Rachel Sennott (@Rachel_Sennott)

Rachel Sennott’s tweets perfectly capture what it’s like to quarantine with your entire family. The New York-based comedian and actress has moved back to her childhood home to ride out the pandemic. From crying with her sisters to acquiring several FaceTime boyfriends, her tweets perfectly distill the seven stages of pandemic grief.

6.     Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings)

You definitely already follow this account, and if you don’t, you are missing out on some wholesome fun. This is a reminder to go look at their tweets. Think about your dog or your friend’s dog or a dog you saw on a walk once. These tweets tell their thoughts that you wish you could hear. The pure puppy energy in these tweets is bound to make you smile at least once.

Article thumbnail: Twitter / Public domain