Game days at Northwestern are more than just touchdowns and field goals: it’s practically a fashion show. NU has had three home games since the start of the school year and students have been bringing their A-game to the style arena, sporting their school colors and mascots at tailgates.

NU Dazzle is a student-run business that provides one-of-a-kind bedazzled tank tops for students. Third-year Betsy Winick is living in a house with its founder Cammeron Freeman and 9 other girls this year. Winick and her roommates were NU Dazzle’s first ever customers: “One of my best friends [Cameron] had the idea to make tailgate clothes, and it turned into NU Dazzle!”

Betsy Winick / @betsywinick on Instagram
Betsy Winick / @betsywinick on Instagram

Second-year Emma Siskind also sported an NU Dazzle top, sisterhood-of-the-traveling-pants style. “The top has gone around my friends over the past couple game days, and is definitely a favorite of mine,” She said. “It’s easy and comfortable and I think it can go with anything! It made getting ready for game day super simple and fun.”

Emma Siskind / @emmasiskind on Instagram

Other students, like second-year Fiona Lyons, made their own game day fit. “With all of my friends gone for college and six game days on the horizon, I spent my last few weeks at home making DIY game day tops.” She explained.

Lyons got the inspiration from TikTok videos she’d seen over the summer where she saw people making tops out of scraps of fabric. “The decal on the shirt itself is stuck to the tank top with double sided tape and safety pins– it’s so easy to make in a dorm and super cute!”

Fiona Lyons / @fionalyons_ on Instagram ‌‌

Third-year Stacy Jeong got her outfit from Campus Gear in downtown Evanston. When asked for tips on how to spot the best finds amidst the chaos of the store, Jeong recommends looking “all the way at the back, where the kids stuff is!” The “baby tees”, she explained, are actually kids t-shirts in bigger sizes for that snug fit.

Whether it’s official merch, self-made merch or custom ordered merch, these Cats are infusing their school spirit with style!

Stacy Jeong / @stacyjeong on Instagram‌‌