The haute cuisine that'll get you high.

Vive la légalisation! With legal recreational weed coming to Illinois on January 1, 2020, the worlds of culinary creation and cannabis are converging. Chefs across Chicago are experimenting with different strains and finding their place in high-end cuisine, leading to weed infused creations like roasted mushroom chilaquiles and toffee and smoked almond brittle. You may not have the exclusive ingredient list of a gourmet chef, but you can still enjoy some of the finer things in life with these edible arrangements.

Le Brownié

Illustrations by Katherine Gu

Ah, the classic. The rich, decadent texture and balanced flavors of cocoa make way for the subtle yet powerful aftertaste of skunk. If all goes well, you get to indulge in a creamy, soft pillow of chocolatey goodness before being whisked away to a blissful state of being. If it doesn’t, you end up eating your way through a dry, crumbly confection, then get hit by a semi-truck of paralyzing proportions while the bitter aftertaste lingers in your mouth. Let’s hope for the first option.

Le Gummié

The weed gummy exemplifies elegance. Within a shimmering crimson cube of soft, sugary goodness lies 10 milligrams of THC, ready to show you a good time without a single puff of smoke. Discreet and portable, the weed gummy is ideal for getting stoned on the go, whether on the L headed downtown or in line outside Shanley. Indulge in the nuanced flavors of sour apple or sweet cherry as you await a fun night out on the town or a dreadful night watching your friend’s a cappella group.

Le Cookié

Brownie too basic for you? The weed cookie steps up the game with the capacity for adventurous flavors and creative shapes. Whether you choose stoner snickerdoodles or ganja gingerbread men, these homey treats work beautifully on a platter to share with friends. So go ahead and cozy on up next to the fireplace, gather your loved ones and enjoy a lovely night laughing at dumb shit together.