Commencement 2020 | North by Northwestern

North by Northwestern

Commencement 2020

NBN Commencement Address

A love letter for the ladies.

Seven lessons from seven haircuts

My yearslong struggle to get a decent haircut at college taught me more about life than some whole classes.

Polar Opposites

I found the highest and lowest points of my college experience in social isolation.

Old classrooms, new communities

What made Northwestern a place where I could become more self-critical and analytical was not a massive endowment, a top-10 ranking, or a glass castle — it was the people.

NBN was there for me when Medill wasn’t

After setting foot on campus, I quickly realized that rankings don’t guarantee real-life perfection.

Final delirium

I’ll never forget those rambling phone calls in the stairwell of MFC.

Dear Anxious Freshman

Let me tell you a little story.

Home sweet home(s)

Life Lesson No. 1: You can make anything feel like home with sheer willpower.

Life lessons from flowcharts

How writing quizzes in the back of NBN taught me that decisions aren’t that complex after all.

Existentialism, Northwestern and you

I feel optimistically nihilistic that things will actually get better, and yet I must wait for something that may never come. I’m waiting for my personal Godot.

How Evanston became the place I could comfortably call home

Now that I’m spending the final quarter of senior year at my childhood home, I somewhat ironically find myself longing for the feelings, tastes, sounds, and sights of the place I swore I would always feel somewhat disconnected from.

What I'll miss most

Some days I wanted to leave Evanston and never come back, but every time I’m not there, I’m always picturing what I would be doing if I was.

The untimely task of reflection

I’m realizing that what is most salient in the everyday is not the name or the institution, but the discomfort it made me get used to living in.