Photo by David Deloso / North by Northwestern

How should one best combine the groovy exertion of Dance Marathon with a classy literary experience? Easy – we're writing a haiku for every block courtesy of dancer (and NBN contributor) Camille Williams.

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Block One

Said I would conserve

My energy, but I don’t

Care; it’s a banger

Block Two

Boogie Night begins

Pizza fills bellies with hope

That we’ll stay this lit

Block Three

Good vibes fill the tent

Swaying to Mamma Mia,

Wearing flowy pants

Block Four

Run around Norris

A jungle of pajamas

But no rest in sight

Block Five

If playing team games

Means I can sit, fine; just play

more Disney bops, please.

Block Six

Back with the jams and

My body is ready to

Jingle all the way

Block Seven

Minimal movement,

But there’s still effort; losing

vigor but not hope

Block Eight

Why a Mosh pit formed

To Lana del Rey? Can’t explain.

My skeleton hurts.

Block Eight Bonus:

Any excuse to

Lean on each other and sway,

For our legs don’t work.

Block Nine

No sleep, loud beats grow

The joy and agony of

Approaching the end.

Block Ten

Moments came fast, blurred,

Pure joy, sweat, adrenaline

Each drop worth it.

Editor's note: Please forgive the lack of five syllables in the last line of the final haiku - our writer has gone through 30 straight hours of dancing.