The only word to describe the scene during the Diwali festival in Norris is incandescent. Just like the Festival of Lights, the Mccormick Auditorium was filled with friends cheering for performers: flashes of lights, shimmering costumes and smiles, Desi people translating their cultural dances and songs for their non-Desi friends and so much joy.

From Brown Sugar to Ahana, from Raas to Bhangra to Deeva, the talent and skill was palpable. The audience was mesmerized by the sweeping melodies, jumps, intricate dance moves and cultural expression that each performance brought to the stage.

It is difficult to describe the joy, as a mixed-race student, of seeing such a wonderful celebration occur with so many people who share the same cultural background and passions as you. Seeing the dancers, singers and even MC’s having the time of their lives while sharing something that has been passed down generations, while wearing saris and salwars and kurtas and smiles that would make ancestors proud, was beyond special.

Shubho Diwali!

Happy Diwali!