Dance Marathon is about as much of an extreme sport as it gets for Northwestern students. They spend 30 hours in a tent on the Norris lakefront trying to find the motivation to stay standing and move their arms up and down just enough to qualify as dancing.

Last year, we gave you nine different ways to spend your 30 hours of Dance Marathon on. If none of them were convincing enough, here’s another few ideas that you can do instead of sweating inside a tent for 30 hours.

1. Listen to “Sucker” 542.7 times. If playing the Frozen soundtrack during Block 1 wasn’t enough of a walkway through your childhood, after listening to everyone’s favorite boy band from the 2000’s, you’re nearly assured that you’ll never be a sucker again.

2. Take the walk of shame from frat row to sorority quad 120 times. You might feel just as gross the next morning as you would after spending 30 hours in a tent, but at least the one night stand doesn’t take up your whole weekend.

3. Take the elevator from the ground floor of McTrib to the second floor once. If you didn’t already make up an excuse for why you were running late to journalism lab for the third time this week, this is the perfect excuse. It may not be the most entertaining way to pass the time, but at least you won’t be surrounded by the blood, sweat, and tears of any other classmates because no one else is foolish enough to wait for that elevator. And at the very least, you won’t have to pretend to have the energy to dance while you wait for the elevator doors to open.

4. Listen to “Morty is One Thicc Bih” 7200 times. There’s really nothing else to do with your life than listen to this song. Why hasn’t this become the official NU fight song yet?

5. Wait on line to purchase a burger 180 times from the Evanston Burger King. RIP Cheesie’s.

6. Buy 900 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies at the Arch (they take Venmo!) Admit it, you’ve caved while walking from class and bought a box (or more) of cookies. Whether your favorite cookie is the classic Thin Mints or delicious Samoas, with 900 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, you’re sure to get enough cookies for everyone. That is, if you’re willing to share.

7. Endure one Polar Vortex. It might have been cold, but sleeping all day instead of going to class sounds better than non-stop dancing.

8. Walk every hallway in Tech 7 times. Honestly, this is probably how long it took to find my classes in Tech as a fall quarter freshman. We’ve also been told there’s a room with purple lights somewhere inside Tech. Instead of dancing, feel free to explore Tech and get back to us on that.

9. Win 60 pizzas from the Wildcat GeoGame. With this many Blaze pizzas, you can make all the combinations you’ve ever dreamed of trying. Added bonus: After answering 60 geography questions, you’ll be able to impress your friends with all your knowledge about the world.

Want to earn the respect of a 120-hour member? Pick four of these, and it’ll be just as satisfying.

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