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Following actress Lovina Yavari, American actor Kato Kaelin appeared in the Celebrity Video during Block 3 to cheer up dancers, who are already tried and sleepy after having danced for 7 hours straight. Here are five facts to know about this actor and reality TV star.

  1. He is most famous for being a witness during the O. J. Simpson murder case. According to himself, it is rather “scary” to suddenly have people wandering around his property and “sliding notes under the door”. What a surprising way to gain fame, huh?
  2. In the reality show House Guests, Kato Kaelin lived in other celebrities’ houses, but that show never aired. What a weird show, indeed.
  3. Besides reality TV shows, he also frequently appears in game shows, such as the NBC version of The Weakest Link (2002) and Russian Roulette, as well as the reality dating show BZZZ!
  4. It was announced that he was going to be a houseguest in the second season of the reality show competition Celebrity Big Brother. He finished in 8th place out of 12 houseguests.
  5. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kaelin mainly uses his rather popular social media accounts to post excited yet angry comments about his beloved Milwaukee Brewers.