[“Don’t Tell Me Your Major Theme” By Malena Ramnath]

Malena: Hey, guys, my name is Malena Ramnath.

Hannah: And I'm Hannah Fredly.

Malena: And we are your hosts and freshmen here at Northwestern. This is Don't Tell Me Your Major an interview podcast where we avoid getting to know people on the surface level with questions like what their major is, where they're from, and how old they are, but try to get to know them on a more profound level. That's how you really know the kind of person someone is rather than judging them based on pre–established stereotypes. So we're here today in the thick of the Coronavirus quarantine, currently hosting this podcast over zoom, which is definitely weird but we're all very excited to be able to continue this despite the distance. And unfortunately, Alison couldn't join us today because she's in Seoul, Korea, and those time zones are insane. So today we're here with Hannah. Also on today's podcast is the one and only Nick, please say your last name for me, Nick.

Nick: Schoenbrodt.

Malena: Okay. And he is another Northwestern student with an impossible last name. And he just said hi. So we're super–

Nick: Yeah, you're doing great.

Malena: We're super excited to have you as today's guest. So where is everyone currently? I'm in DC. Hannah, where are you?

Hannah: I'm currently in France.

Nick: Oh, I am in New Jersey, the opposite of France.

Malena: Um great. And so I figured since we're all stuck inside our questions today will be themed around being stuck. So without further ado, I figured we’d get started. Um, so Nick, what is your favorite stuck inside hobby now that we're in quarantine?

Nick: Um, God, that's a good question. I have been doing almost nothing. But I got a new laptop. So I'm trying to get into music production a little bit which is fun, but also difficult when it's like the only thing there is to do and I don't have anything to like take a break from it with I guess, but that's what I've been doing. Mostly it's happening slowly.

Malena: Damn, music production. Hannah, what are you doing now that you're stuck in bed? What are your hobbies that you've picked up to stay productive?

Hannah: Um, well technically we're out of quarantine. So, ha.

Malena: I hate you.

Hannah: But, um, otherwise, something really fun to do is those like, workout videos that are like dance and workout at the same time. That's really fun.

Nick: And that's on jazzercise.

Malena: Well yeah, I mean, those two are like, generally more productive than me. I mean, I've been, I guess one of my hobbies– Oh, I'm learning Italian on Duolingo! You guys ready? Io no sono un ragazzo. Which means “I'm not a boy”. You know, and that's pretty much all I know how to say.

Nick: That’s good. That’s gonna really come in handy I feel like.

Malena: You know if anyone mistakes, you know, me for a little boy. You never know. Italians these days.

Nick: That’s true.

Hannah: Have you been keeping up with Duolingo?

Malena: Yeah, the owl is really aggressive dude. It's always like: “You have one hour to save your streak! You're so lazy, it takes five minutes!”

Nick: He, he yelled at me for not knowing my Greek alphabet and I think I, all I had done is like put Greek in a language I was like kind of interested in, in the app and he was like, like learn your alphabet, learn your alphabet!

Hannah: He, as in the owl.

Nick: Yeah, yes, he as in the owl, my, my good friend, the Duolingo owl.

Malena: Evil demon that haunts my dreams, alright. Um, but okay, so moving on to our next question. What is the one movie you would watch if you were stuck with one for the rest of your life? Nick, your thoughts?

Nick: Oh, no. These, I can't answer these questions without pulling up my like, letterbox like and looking at the movies I've seen. The Princess Bride is great. Just because it's fun, but like, I don't know, maybe like Whiplash if I want to like be stressed for the rest of my life. I don’t know.

Malena: I mean, that would also push you to be ridiculously productive. Just like watching Whiplash and like, you know, striving–

Nick: Cause watching, cause watching a two hour movie is the most productive thing you can do.

Malena: This is, this is fact. Hannah, what about you? What are you thinking for your stuck-on-an-island with the rest of your like that for the rest of your life movie?

Hannah: Um, how about Shutter Island? On the island?

Nick: That's not good. That's not gonna stress you out.

Malena: Shutter Island– brooooo. I watched that, we watched that on a really big like movie screen that we found and that it really freaked me out just like on the big screen. Leo DiCaprio killing you know, oh, spoilers. Sorry. You know, terrifying.

Nick: Bleep it out in post you know.

Malena: Yeah. For me, I think my desert island– I mean Princess Bride is a big classic. I love Call Me By Your Name. It's so calming. Just watching like handsome people run around northern Italy. We love to see it. We love to see it. Um, okay. And then my third question is, if you could be stuck anywhere in the world for quarantine, where would it be, like besides where you are right now? I'm sure you're very happy in New Jersey, Nick. So not to hate on New Jersey.

Nick: Yeah, of course – it's it's great here.

Malena: If you could be stuck anywhere else for quarantine where would you be stuck?

Nick: So I am if my if we are remote fall quarter which, don’t talk to me about it cause it's not gonna happen and I won't let it happen. I think I'm planning to go – which is where I would go – to my cousin's beach house in California. And just like, it's like on a mountainside overlooking the ocean and just like sit in the backyard and take zoom classes outside for the entire quarter. That's the plan.

Malena: That sounds like heaven. I'm jealous. Do you go there often?

Nick: No, like, once every two years –

Malena: And how old is your cousin that he has his own beach house?

Nick: It's like my family like my, I guess it's my aunt’s and uncle’s. But I mean, he's like 22, 21, I don’t know. He's graduating this year, which is awful. But yeah.

Malena: Hannah, what about you? I mean, France is a pretty great place to be stuck. So if you could be stuck elsewhere…

Hannah: I'd be in Asia, dude in Asia. They are out of quarantine, people are just out, out and about. They’re partying, they've confined it more or less pretty well. They're just having the time of their lives. Anywhere in Asia.

Malena: That's fair. That's fair. I do miss Singapore. Is still under circuit breaker. But our friends definitely out in Korea – shout out to Allison – are having the time of their lives as compared to the good old US of A. I'm quite jealous.

Hannah: Florida’s having a good time. They don't give a fuck!

Malena: No, it's okay.

Hannah: You’re gonna have to bleep that. You’re gonna have to bleep it.

Malena: No, you can swear–

Hannah: I’m sorry, I'm giving you much more work than it had to be. Whoops

Malena: No, we can swear on this podcast–

Nick: Malena is a dutiful editor.

Malena: All right, and then I think that for me, I don't know, I'm definitely going through a very Greek phase. I'm reading Zorba the Greek, I was making Greek food, I have way too many Greek friends. And they're all sending me like videos from Athens of like the sunsets around their house. And I'm very jealous. So I think, probably Greece– just literally anywhere in Europe – because I feel like it's just stunning views. You know, like for me, I mean, I do get to see the Washington Monument from my apartment, but otherwise,

Nick: Okay, flex.

Malena: Not many, like you know, seaside views, in comparison, so I think anywhere in Europe with a seaside view would be my answer. All right, guys. And so for our final question for the day, this is you know, a little bit more personal, a little bit more difficult to answer. But if you could be stuck with anyone who you are not currently with right now in quarantine, who would you be stuck with and why?

Nick: Like a someone that that listens to the podcast would not know who they are?

Malena:  I mean, it doesn't matter, you could give a shoutout to anyone.

Nick: I mean, I mean, this is, you guys know who this is but other people wouldn't. It would be probably be Asteris or Artie.

Malena:  And for what reason would these two mystery men, who our listeners have no idea who they are?

Nick: Well, because they they brighten up my day with their with their beautiful faces but also because, I don’t know, it'll just be fun to chill with them. I guess. Like it's a boring answer, but it's true. Like they're, they're people I just hang out with and I'm not getting that right now, not getting my fix right now. So, you know, getting, getting that fix.

Malena: Yeah, I think the two of them have a very good sarcastic sense of humor that I think is generally lacking in most other people.

Nick: Yeah.

Malena: So.

Nick: Yeah, and especially lacking in no social interaction at all, so.

Hannah: Very true.

Malena: Hannah, what about you?

Hannah: I'd be stuck with you. Malena. I just blew you a kiss. I love you.

Nick: That's a mistake.

Malena: I know you miss me.

Hannah: That was  my declaration of love.

Malena: I know you, Nick, we could be reading together. Fun fact. Nick is a major book nerd.

Nick: Yeah but I haven’t read all quarantine. I’m – it’s a shame.

Malena: I know. But–

Nick: I have some things in the mail. It's coming. I'm going to force you to read it.

Malena: I like that's, I mean, I'm always down to read more. That's definitely one hobby that I've picked up more is I've been reading a lot since I've been back. But, um, for me, who would I be stuck with? I mean, besides you, Hannah. Obviously, love of my whole life. Um, my heart is warmed by that answer. I don’t know, that's a tough one. I think–

Hannah: It's fine. Go ahead, choose someone else but me. That's fine.

Malena: No no it’s because I'm trying to think–

Hannah: It’s fine.

Malena: –of someone else but

Hannah: I see how it is.

Malena: –you but unfortunately, you're the only person I spend my time with.

Nick: Ah, thanks, thanks, Malena I thought we were friends. I thought we were friends.

Hannah: You’re digging yourself a hole right now.

Malena: Oh, you know what, I really can't think of anyone else cuz then I would say like Asteris, but Nick already said it.

Nick: We could all spend our time with Asteris.

Malena: I know, but we're like just trying to – fun fact: Asteris lives in Athens, not to expose him, but you know, if I could be stuck with him right now – big life goals.

Nick: Also I think he's still in quarantine though.

Malena: Soon, soon they'll be out though. Europe's on its way as Hannah mentioned. You know if I could go out on a limb here, I’d probably say Timothée Chalamet. I've been having a major–

Hannah: Okay here's another thing, I feel like Timothée Chalamet became so much more famous over quarantine.

Malena: Yeah, it’s  because everybody’s stuck inside and they have nothing to do but stare at celebrities. So yeah. Well, alright guys, thank you so much. Actually, that's perfect. We've just hit 13 minutes. And so we're going to end our podcast here. Thank you so much, Nick for being our guest, keeping us entertained during quarantine.

Nick: Yeah, of course.

Malena: Giving your opinions on things. It was so nice to get to know you. And this has been another successful podcast from NBN audio. Hannah say bye!

Hannah: Bye-bye!

Malena: Bye, gang.

Nick: Peace.

Malena: See you later, on our next podcast, which will hopefully be out soon. Bye!

[“Don’t Tell Me Your Major Theme” By Malena Ramnath]