North by Northwestern / /Image by Roman Raies

Every boy wears a mask,

From the moment of his first day,

Stepping into the world,

Our souls are split,

Between the mask we put forward,

Which we wear for so long,

That our faces

grow to fit,

Don’t show your cards,

Wear a poker face,

So nobody sees that you might,

have a soft side,

Anger, Love, Sadness,

And most of all pain,

We find

Are things to hide,

I had to be a man,

Since I was just a boy

Even the memories

Of days I hold dear,

Are tainted with

The red streak,

Of loss, anger, numbness

And fear

Whenever I walk

a different road

I am met with those

Same resentful eyes,

Which taught me

to hate myself,

Eyes laced with a cold and

Bitter lie

The lie that says,

To stay in our place

To fill out,

Another man’s vision,

I take a stand,

And speak my mind

To be met with,

eyes of derision,

Eyes that never see

The broken dreams,

Nights spent working alone,

Those you left behind,

The friendships lost,

The places you left,

To that,

The world stays blind.