There’s one thing I look forward to every fall, and no, it isn’t the return of the pumpkin spice latte. To me, the coming of fall means it’s finally cozy sweater season. Sweltering heat will finally fade away, replaced instead with cool autumn breezes and an excuse to make comfortable clothes fashionable. Here are some fun and stylish ways to incorporate cozy sweaters into your outfits this fall.

Oversized Cardigans

Inspired by the Taylor Swift song, obviously.

I’m kidding, of course – oversized cardigans are never not in style. If you’re looking for the ultimate blend of stylish and comfortable, look no further. These pieces are incredibly versatile: they can be worn alone with leggings or jeans, over a T-shirt, or with a skirt, like the outfit pictured above. They can also be a fun way to incorporate a pop of color into your outfit!  

Matching Sweatsuits

I’m still not sure how I feel about wearing an outfit like this out of the house, but I can’t deny that it can be stylish. If you do want to wear it out, a sweatsuit can be dressed up with a blazer or accessories like jewelry and sunglasses. To me, though, the appeal of this outfit is really in its comfort. There’s nothing more cozy than sweatpants and a hoodie, so we might as well take advantage of the fact that these outfits are currently considered fashionable.

My sister Tori wearing an argyle sweater that’s almost as cute as the puppy she’s holding


This classic ‘70s pattern mysteriously seems to be making a comeback this year. I’m not complaining: as long as there aren’t clashing colors, I think argyle can look great. An argyle sweater can be a great way to incorporate a more adventurous pattern into your closet if you’re finding that your clothes are mostly  solids.


A tried-and-true fall classic. These can work as oversized sweaters, long shirts, cool accessories and so much more. Flannels come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can put your own spin on the style while really getting into the fall aesthetic. I love wearing flannels as a long cardigan or tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans, but the sky's the limit with this item!

Cropped Sweaters

Now we come to my personal favorite kind of sweater: cropped. I’m a huge fan of anything high-waisted, so if a sweater is cropped, it immediately has my attention. Cropped sweaters can take many forms, from hoodies, to turtlenecks, to button-downs and more! And they can be worn with virtually anything. I love them dearly and will never tire of wearing them.

As much as I love summer fashion, fall will forever be my favorite season for both clothes and atmosphere. Nothing can compare to putting on a soft sweater, making hot chocolate or coffee and reading a book or watching Netflix while staring at the gorgeous trees outside. These are just a few ideas for how to make comfortable outfits fashionable, but really, cozy sweaters are limitless in their capacity to be stylish.