They may sometimes be tacky, outlandish or downright nonsensical, but the themes at Greek life events are taken surprisingly seriously. While you won’t be alone if you decide to abandon the party’s theme altogether, wearing an outfit that fits the energy of an event can make it more fun and get you in the mood to have a good time (while also creating the opportunity for a fire Instagram feed).
That being said, it is impossible to be fully prepared for every niche, oddly specific theme out there (examples include TikTok, Bad and Boujee and The Lion King, just to name a few), so here are five versatile “essentials” that can be manipulated to match the vibe of any college party.

Something sparkly/metallic

Do you need to be an alien? A mermaid? To transport yourself back to the 70s/80s/90s? Gen Z college students won’t know the difference, so anything shiny or reflective can easily be attributed to any sort of costume or zany theme. Leggings, skirts, shorts, crop tops and scrunchies are all relatively inexpensive to purchase on Amazon, but can easily change the entire tone of your outfit.

A Flannel Country versus country club.

Aliens versus cowboys. Lumberjack. Scarecrow. Flannels are cute, versatile and, most importantly, warm. You probably already have one in your closet. Need I say more?

A mesh/sheer top

A mesh or partially sheer top is another one that can arguably fit any theme if you get creative. They are edgy, they can be styled in a variety of ways, ranging to the modest to the not-so-modest, and they are great options for even a typical going-out look. Once again, Amazon has an abundance of affordable options, like this cropped or this long-sleeve.

A bomb all-black outfit

Black jeans, a black top or a little black dress are a must-have for any college student. It is a more refined look for those “classy” frat parties (Parisian wine nights are more common than you would think). An all-black outfit is basic but it is a staple, and it can be built by pieces that you can wear to anything.

Something neon

Neon clothes fall along the same vein as sparkly and metallic ones. Once again, they are perfect for a decade party, particularly the 80s, but you can style them to fit any number of wilder themes. Just one item that is distinctly different from typical going-out attire will make a world of difference. You probably already have something in your closet that you can cut or distress to make it frat quad-ready, but if not, thrift stores and Amazon are great options for accessories and clothes.

As always, when deciding what to wear to any event, it is most important to choose an outfit that you are comfortable in and that will protect you from the elements. Having just a few go-to pieces in your closet that you know you love and that can be styled in a variety of ways will make choosing your outfits easier, your weekends more fun, and your Instagram stronger.