TikTok is home to a wide variety of content, from comedy and cooking to dancing and other art forms. Some of the best and most overlooked videos on the app, however, are about fashion. Branch out from Pinterest and get more of your fashion inspiration from the up-and-coming app, starting with these five creators.


Olive (or @olivengcanty) is the queen of layering. In fact, some of her most popular videos consist of her layering an outfit up from one piece. Part of the reason why these videos do so well is because her style is unlike most other fashion creators on the app. From her platform shoes and leg warmers to her deliberate and consistent use of pattern mixing, Olive’s style is distinctive. She often branches out, however, with videos where she tries different aesthetics, such as mall goth and indie Pinterest girl. She never shies away from showing how she puts together a complete look, starting with hair and makeup and ending with clothing and accessories, often including the rejected looks she creates in the process. She is an essential addition to your TikTok “Following” page!


Kimberly, @kimberyeet, is a TikToker who creates and sells style bundles. Not only does she sell these bundles, but in one of the series on her account, she shows her followers exactly how she picks them out. She starts at the beginning of the process with the inspiration and photos given to her by the customer, and proceeds to show each piece in the bundle accompanied by the thought process that went into picking it out. In another great series on her account, Kimberly shows how she picks out her outfit for the day. If you won’t follow for her fashion content alone, then consider following for her other TikToks, which are funny, relatable and chock-full of good advice!


Amanda, film student and owner of @virghoexoxo, makes content about all things fashion. Some of the current series on her account are “a day in virghoe’s life” and “recreating Pinterest outfits (as a fat b!tch).” Although Amanda is open about the fashion inspiration she takes from Pinterest, her style is also incredibly original – she never fails to put her own spin on an outfit or piece, no matter how popular it may be. She posts everything from thrift hauls and Instagram pose instructionals to videos about her favorite staple pieces and how she makes and sells jewelry on Depop! Her voiceovers are soothing, her videos are aesthetically pleasing and she never misses.


Though her outfits have tons of range, @trashcanbarbie eclipses almost all other creators when it comes to assembling neutral-toned outfits. In addition to neutrals, the quintessential @trashcanbarbie outfit features lots of texture mixing. She effortlessly combines silky slip dresses, fun tights, leather jackets and fur-lined coats. (She can wear the hell out of some faux fur!) Much of her content is centered on thrifting, from hauls to outfit inspiration, but it isn't always about clothing. She also hops on various TikTok trends, makes makeup tutorials and discusses fatphobia and other issues within the TikTok and fashion community. No matter your aesthetic, @trashcanbarbie can undoubtedly provide you with some unique (and often affordable) fashion and makeup inspiration!


Like her videos, Lauren (@laurenlicup)'s style has range. She creates fashion and lifestyle content, ranging from clothing hauls and recreating looks to how-tos on styling trendy pieces.  She also makes content about being plus-size. For example, in one of her most popular videos she explains that she wears whatever she wants, despite most plus-size brands selling clothing she does not consider cute or trendy. In one of her most recent TikToks, Lauren shares her favorite places to shop for plus-size clothing. No matter your size, @laurenlicup is an amazing account to follow for fashion inspiration. Not only is she practically a walking Pinterest board, but she has also a great personality, which shines through in every video she makes.