I’ve always suffered from major FOMO. If half of my friends were going to a club, and the rest were having an intimate dinner, I’d be paralyzed by choice. What if they have the best night ever without me at the club? What if they have deep talks about their life at dinner, and I miss an important bonding sesh?

In my time at Northwestern, this resulted in me choosing a lot of experiences: a quarter in Spain, a quarter in Washington, D.C., a quarter in Florida, graduating early to start my career. I had a million adventures and made so many friends away from campus that I would never want to give up, like becoming fluent in Spanish, making friends from all over the world and going to a White House press briefing.

But in exchange, I didn’t really get to have a traditional “college experience.” Yes, I went to the Deuce and ended several nights at Cheesie’s (RIP) and participated in Dance Marathon, but there were times I didn’t see close friends for months or even more than a year because I was away. I missed the formation of friend groups, collegiate dating (although does NU really have dating??), two Dillo Days and so much more.

I don’t regret my major decisions, but I wish I could have it all. I also wish I had some older-and-wiser advice to give underclassmen on what choices to make and how to live your best college life, but all I can say is think it through and enjoy each moment.  

It’ll be over before you know it.