Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, which means the parties start Thursday. But even if you’re reading this with nothing except soft plans for a disorganized group costume, never fear.

As a chronic procrastinator, I have some tricks (and treats) to pull together a killer outfit. You won’t even have to make the journey to the decimated wasteland of Spirit Halloween, or finally break down and use your free trial to Amazon Prime.

In past years, I made a list of potential costumes and a moodboard by Oct. 1, but I always failed to execute. I ended up with some truly tragic looks. In my senior year of high school, I wore the same red mini dress for three different costumes: Carrie (who famously wears white), a vampire (vaguely), and the concept of Christmas vacation (yeah, I don’t know either).

Going through this gauntlet has changed me from being a Halloween disaster to having Disney Channel Monstober levels of commitment. So, I’ll ask the question you’ve been texted three times already: “Who are you going to be?”

First, use what you have. Your friend who tracks her assignments via spreadsheet has already ordered $50 worth of clothes and accessories with gift receipts; she won’t drink water all weekend so she can return them without sweat stains.

When deadlines aren’t your forte, I promise the perfect fit is waiting in your closet — or at least, to your dorm drawers that won’t close all the way. As Paris Hilton says, “it’s about your attitude, and that’s what’s hot.”

Second, set your goals. Do you want to cause a scene, impress your crush, get a laugh? Not to sound like that history distro you’re forced to take, but consider your point of view and intended audience. Choose a goal for the night, and pick a costume that commits all the way.

Finally, remember to build your look around an identifying accessory (that you already have, or can borrow). No one asks someone in a cowboy hat or fairy wings what they’re supposed to be. If you’re a proud outfit repeater, like me, these types of add-ons are honestly an investment that will pay off later.

That said, I’ve thought of some last minute, low effort costume ideas you can steal for three events you might be braving this Halloweekend:

For the grimy house party for a club you’re not in: Angel/devil. You say basic, I say instantly recognizable. Wear anything red or black to be a devil, and white to be an angel. If you’re going to multiple parties and want another costume, simply add some cheap wings, makeup or a tutu to become the black swan and white swan ballerinas.

For the infamous frat quad saunas: Barbie/Ken. I predict this to be the most popular costume this year, so be sure to stand out by committing to a theme under the Barbie umbrella. Perhaps disco Barbie or lawyer Barbie? Kens can wear anything beach related, and you can also reference the movie with multiple watches and sunglasses. Congrats, you're done!

For the off campus function in the yard an actual train runs through: Kim Possible. Here, we’re going for versatility. Grab jeans or a skirt in camo or dark green and a black long sleeve top, and you’re done. Combat boots, gloves and red hair are a bonus. Make this a group costume by adding the other characters, whose outfits are also basically normal clothes.

I know my fellow procrastinators will pull up in amazing (and last-minute) fits. Remember, the scariest part about Halloween isn’t the ghosts — it’s the deadlines.