Photo from Pixabay / Licensed under Creative Commons

I will write you out so as not to forget the way

My body felt

After being pressed against you like

Young, molded flesh warming the marble of Venus

Milky desire dripping through the oils on your desk

Sage staining your fingers

My shoulders

Kisses to bites to limbs intertwined


are so


           You whispered

As you grabbed my hair

And sunk into my thighs

My hands were sweaty when you held them

And you pulled me tight

All in one direction.

I have been ripped into scraps

To be fed to the greed and frustrations

Of shameful men,

Too scared, too angry.

As I grow older

As my skin begins to fold

And my legs grow weak

From more than just thunderstorms and butterflies

I will remember

True loves that remind me to hold fast through all the

Empty, rueful feelings felt as I was held

After faked orgasms.

I will remember you all

Like the faded stretch marks on my breasts

Traced by whoever decides to look close enough

I will leave pieces

in you

And you will take your entire life to forget me.