"Frozen 2" is hands down, the best movie I’ve watched in 2019 (or at least a close second following "Avengers: Endgame" — I’m a sucker for the MCU). This sequel has the perfect combination of catchy music, comedic punch lines, and complex storylines, not to mention the return of the characters you came to love six years ago.

Photo by Disney Animation Studios

Disney sure has a way with children’s movies and music; they know the formula to creating melodies that suck viewers into the scene, lyrics that share the stories and struggles of the characters, and musical accompaniment that makes the songs feel full and warm. I found music from the "Frozen 2’s" soundtrack much more enjoyable than I initially did for that of its precedent because it’s something I would listen to as actual songs, rather than listening to it simply because it’s part of an iconic soundtrack (no hate).

In particular, two songs stood out to me when I sat in the back row of the theater and found myself tapping my foot and nodding my head along to the bops.

Sticking true to the tones of “Let It Go,” “Into the Unknown” begins with a familiar piano melody, but slightly altered. It showcases the growth of Elsa as the queen of Arendelle and as a person born with powers, learning to embrace the powerful nature of her ice and controlling them to become well-trained in using them for good.  This is accomplished through the buildup of the song in its chorus, backed by the whole sounds of a full orchestra.

My favorite song from "Frozen 2" is “Lost in the Woods,” performed by Kristoff and Sven. The the song itself has Boyz II Men-esque vibes, but the visuals make it even better, giving the audience incentive to dance along while laughing at the lyrics and the animation.

"Frozen 2’s" comedic elements were especially impressive – the content was definitely aimed for older audiences, specifically those who grew up with the first "Frozen." The humor struck well with the audience members I watched it with, (who all happened to be Northwestern students as the free screening I attended was hosted by NU Nights). There was never an awkward joke, and we laughed at the same moments. Needless to say, Disney definitely did its research on how to connect this children’s movie with the older generation of its fans.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer power of nostalgia and the simple beauty that "Frozen 2" brought to me. I left the theater having cried twice while my friend sitting next to me was stone-cold the whole time (she did enjoy the movie, though). For those who think "Frozen" can’t be one-upped by its successor, give it a chance! "Frozen 2" will definitely find a way into your heart and leave you feeling warm this winter season.