Having Everything Revealed, that’s what H.E.R stands for.

Living that concept of full transparency is much easier said than done, and it is a big reason why Gabriella Wilson – better known as H.E.R., the incredible singer/songwriter, performer, activist and overall amazing human – is my jam.

H.E.R. isn’t talked about enough, in my not-so-humble opinion. Unlike many of the big women in music today, she’s an incredibly skilled guitarist with vocals to match. She also writes powerful lyrics not only for her own albums, but for other artists as well.

She’s been chosen the past calendar year to represent some of the biggest names in music. She played a tribute to Elton John that had him nearly launching from his chair in excitement, and she played Belle in a Beauty and the Beast re-adaptation alongside fellow musician Josh Groban. Her second studio album, Back of My Mind, was widely successful, featuring songs that pushed her closer to “Having Everything Revealed.”

My favorite element of H.E.R.’s music is her consistency and vulnerability. While she’s no longer anonymous, her songs are just as popular and just as touching. Her choosing to embrace the spotlight and maintain her pseudonym has increased her success, but the soul of her music, her sound, hasn’t changed. She is one of the most authentic artists out there today.

She can also play so many instruments. She’s known for her guitar playing, but really plays  a total of five instruments: the drums, piano, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar.

I still remember when I heard her hit song “Sometimes” for the first time in 2020 during quarantine and how much it resonated with me. My sister was about to leave for college, I was going through the lows of quarantine and fearing for the state of the world. This song, with H.E.R.’s soaring voice and down-to-earth lyrics, brought me feelings of hope and peace I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

My favorite album of H.E.R.’s is Back of My Mind because of how her musicality has evolved. Her sound has become more mature, and her voice shines above the music in some of her tracks. I’ve always loved how H.E.R.’s voice blends with her intricate arrangements, but I like hearing more of her unique voice in this album.

Stellar musician aside, H.E.R. is also a fashion icon, and was just featured on the cover of Vogue Philippines. I mean, look at H.E.R.!!!

I look up to H.E.R in many ways. Honestly, if you haven't listened to her music by now, what have you been doing? Get out those headphones and stream Back of My Mind. I promise you won’t regret it.