Wildcat Welcome (Dub Dub ‘15!), like many aspects of my Northwestern undergraduate career, was the best of times and the worst of times. For me, one of the biggest takeaways from a week of forced bonding with a group of Medill students was a game*: high, low, ha. Prior to Northwestern, I’d never played or even heard of this campfire-esque activity, so it’s only fitting that I exit NU the same way I entered — with some highs, lows and too many ha’s to count.

*I just lost the game :(

Freshman year:

High: Getting rejected from Sherman Ave … which led me to join NBN! Which then led to the start of some beautiful frNBNdships.

Low: That first Evanston Winter Quarter.

Ha: Debating switching my major to pre-med, asking Libby Berry for her thoughts.

Sophomore year:

High: Making it big with one of my best friends on “Northwestern Memes for Networking Teens”... only to have our fifteen minutes rudely snatched away by an unnamed fraternity’s risk management chair.

Low: That second Evanston Winter Quarter.

Ha: Staying in an Airbnb in Rome (#summerabroad) that was so jank that the doorknob on the front door fell off and we were essentially trapped for a bit … until we opened our “closet” to find that the flat was actually a shared space with an elderly Italian family who threatened to call la polizia.

Junior year:

High: That third Evanston Winter Quarter spent in Washington, D.C.

Low: Living off-campus, literally everything about that experience.

Ha: Living off-campus, literally everything about that experience.

Senior year:

High: That final Evanston Winter Quarter spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Low: The emotions that accompany graduation, the job hunt and saying a lot of “see you laters.”

Ha: Getting added to the “Northwestern Class of 2019” Facebook group halfway through Fall Quarter.