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Eager and competitive, you will push your way into the middle of sandstorm to make sure you are in on the action. It might take a couple elbow jabs and lost glasses, but your fiery energy cannot be contained on the dance floor. You might get stepped on a few times, but you will bounce back (because you have no other option in the tent).


Chill as ever, you will head bop your way through every single block. Maybe you won’t dance the hardest (and you might not have the highest energy), but your sign has the endurance to push through until the end.


Though well-intentioned, your versatile and curious nature will urge you to switch between groups at least once a block. Being a social butterfly is all well and good, just try to resist the urge to escape the tent post-sunrise run!


With your intuition and protective personality, you’ll be the designated mom friend of the group. We forecast you stuffing a fanny pack full of snacks and first aid items for all your dancer pals.


Your dramatic and outgoing nature will make you crave the spotlight in the tent. The stars are aligning for you to start a wild dance circle in the middle of the tent to reenergize the crowd. Start practicing those breakdance moves now!


When morale is at its lowest, you will keep your friends awake and dancing. Loyal as ever, you will drag your friends to the end with you – whether they want it or not. You’re the one reminding everyone of DM’s purpose – you’re doing this for the kids.


Your sign is one that’s always trying to weigh the morality of your actions. Because arguments will always arise around the true reasons for doing DM, you’ll be the first one debating if DM is truly a “biodome of oppression.”


Scorpio, you’re always thinking ahead. Resourceful and stubborn, you enter the tent with one plan – to escape before you feel any semblance of discomfort or exhaustion. You’ll be the one faking an illness to get out of the tent.


Eternally the extroverted optimist, you’ll be the one entertaining friends during long blocks with demonstrations of your extraordinary flossing/dabbing/shooting ability. Your costumes for every block are Comic-Con-level outrageous, and you’ll always be the one pumping your friends up for the next block.


You finished all your work days before and now you’re ready to party. When everyone is suffering through block four, you’re hyping yourself up to be the front-runner in the sunrise run. You go all-out for every challenge, you practice the special dance well after the dance breaks, you are here to win. Win what? Who knows, but you’re giving it your all.


We hate to inform you of this right before it starts, but your distanced and imaginative nature will result in you zoning out around block 3 to stare at the lights and/or sweat that might be dripping off the ceiling. Just remember to not look directly above at any time!


Ever the most empathetic of the signs, you’ll be swept up in the emotion that comes with finishing 30 whole hours in a tent with the same 1000 people. Make sure to pack tissues in your fanny pack, because you’ll be the first one to start crying when they reveal how much money you’ve raised during block 10.