2303 Sheridan

2303 Sheridan

Residential College of Cultural & Community Studies

40 Residents

Northeast Area

Residential College

The College of Cultural and Community Studies, simply known as CCS, is a small residential college located in the North Campus frat quad. CCS shares a building with GREEN House (check out our video on GREEN House to see the facilities!), but their programming centers on different communities and cultures. According to the CCS website, the dorm’s collective “love of diverse cultures and concern for our local and global communities” attracts students of all majors, though the building is physically near the Technological Institute. In addition to programming like trips to Chicago and faculty firesides, CCS has several traditions including a fundraiser called Service Auction and Secret Satan, where residents steal each others’ clothes before Halloween. With loftable beds, comparatively large rooms and sleek shared facilities renovated within the past few years, the building itself is one of the nicer ones on campus.


Air Conditioning

Nearest Dining Hall: Sargent

Community-style Bathrooms

Rates from 2020-21 school year

$12,195 per single/year

$10,212 per double/year

3 Minute Walk to Tech

12 Minute Walk to Norris

12 Minute Walk to The Rock

Information from the 2017, 2018, & 2019 NBN Housing Guides and Northwestern Residential Services

Video from NBN 2018 Housing Guide

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