560 Lincoln

560 Lincoln

560 Lincoln Street

422 Residents

North Area

Residential Hall

560 Lincoln is the newest dorm on campus and everyone who doesn't live there should never visit because it looks almost exactly like a hotel and it will make you jealous. This dorm is the first to be built in the housing expansion plan, and it features suite style housing, community lounges, and a multipurpose space. The dorm is seven stories tall with singles and doubles located on the top edge of North Campus, and did I mention that bathrooms are clean and large, the rooms are large, and it's just so pretty? However, every rose has its thorn. Because this dorm is so large and hotel like, the sense of community is lacking and some say it feels a bit elitist.


Air Conditioning

Rates from 2020-21 school year

$12,195 per single/year

$10,881 per double/year

8 Minute Walk to Tech

14 Minute Walk to Norris

16 Minute Walk to The Rock

Information from the 2017, 2018, & 2019 NBN Housing Guides and Northwestern Residential Services

Video from NBN 2018 Housing Guide

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