Slivka Hall

Slivka Hall

Residential College of Science and Engineering

140 Residents

Northeast Area

Residential College

Slivka is home to the Residential College of Science & Engineering, which has an executive board of student leaders that provides opportunities for learning and socializing on a regular basis. The building is in the Frat Quad and has a large main lounge on the second floor, a high-tech seminar room a lounge on the first floor and Lisa's Cafe which is perfect for you're late-night needs.


Air Conditioning

Nearest Dining Hall: Sargent

Suite-style Bathrooms

Rates from 2020-21 school year

$12,195 per single/year

$10,881 per double/year

6 Minute Walk to Tech

13 Minute Walk to Norris

14 Minute Walk to The Rock

Information from the 2017, 2018, & 2019 NBN Housing Guides and Northwestern Residential Services

Video from NBN 2018 Housing Guide

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