North By Northwestern/Photo by VinothChandar

The two humans on stage debate each other in an incredibly sedated manner. I feel tricked, having heard on the news that this was going to be a fun debate to watch, a quick exchange of wit! But alas, my grandmother can speak faster than this. I turn to my left with a joke about this slowness when I remember I am alone on this wall, which has become quite uncomfortable as the minutes pass. The pull of gravity tires me and I can feel myself begin to slide down. Out in the audience however, is a beautiful soft empty seat. That shall be my throne tonight.

Ignoring my drowsiness, I let my wings carry me to the empty seat, flapping as fast as they can. In no time, I settle myself into the cushions, rubbing my feet together at the triumphant completion of my quest. Minutes pass, and the candidates attempt to convince America they are better for the nation. Human politics, how quaint. Suddenly, the hairs on my legs rise and I can feel tension entering my space. I look up and see a human staring at my seat and placing her jacket over the top. I’m about to tell them of the mistake they made, that this is my seat, when this thoughtless human has the audacity to swat at me.

The pressure of the air increases and I fly away to save my life. Once I am high in the air, I look down to see the human sitting happily in what seconds ago was mine. How dare they disrespect me like that, how dare they feel as if they have the right to my seat! Furthermore, they tried to kill me and rid the earth of me as if I am nothing more than a miniscule bug. Tears fall down my face and my wings quiver in the air. Memories resurface of the other times I barely escaped death, of the times I’ve seen my companions fall at the hands of humans, for nothing but the crime of being a fly. In an attempt to calm myself, I refocus on the debate, on the two people attempting to convince the public that they should be a leader, that they should have power.

Then I realized, I, Buzz McWalker, can be one of those people. I, too, can run for office and gain power. With this position I can gather the flies of America and advocate for our lives, I can be the one to save my species.

Pain forgotten, I let determination fly me to the debate stage. In seconds I see the perfect landing pad - a set of bright white hair that I am sure to stick out on. I believe it belongs to Pence - even better! Not only can I make my stand, but also take away attention from my opponents.

On this head I stand and declare, “I am running for the President of the United States of America. This has become my new dream, for the rest of my life I pledge to fight against the swatting of all flies everywhere and work towards a society where we can live peacefully in tandem with the humans.” My wings are buzzing and my blood pumping, I will become the President! No longer will flies be on walls, but at the center of power!

Eager to start working on my campaign, I leave the head and fly home to my community. By the time I arrive, it’s morning and I am immediately bombarded by my friends. Hoisting me on their shoulders, they chant “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.” I have given them hope.

Turning on the human news, I see myself plastered everywhere. “The fly,” they call me - what an honor. I tell my people to use this as momentum for our campaign, we will win.

However, as I continue watching the news, it has become clear that the human cameras were unable to catch my announcement. No worries though, for Twitter will be my savior, and I will be president! (Follow me @BuzzMcWalker)