Video by Brennen Bariso / North by Northwestern

"We rise, we fall."

The Past

we don't get it yet, but we don't

need to. in daylight we wish for other futures,

at night we drive down empty streets,

finally feeling content with this one.

i lean back in my seat, you lean toward

the window, your eyes catching and releasing

lights as we pass them. i turn and look at

you, perfectly molded into the passenger seat,

your legs stretched out, your hands

fidgeting with something invisible.

as we listen to this song, you

turn up the volume and i see myself as light

reflected in your eyes.

                 Video by Brennen Bariso / North by Northwestern

"Are you still with me? I'm with you. I'm with you."

The Present

spiked seltzer & pink light making my friends look like lounging

gods in my living room & scurrying to put on shoes before realizing

the uber is still seven minutes away & feeling an entire winter's

worth of snow & feeling the rhythm vibrating the hairs on my neck

& shaping the gum in my mouth & my body pulsing like a poem &

i & i & i & i & i & you & and all of us, together & realizing that some-

times home can be a song or even just an embrace & an "it's okay"

in my ear & not feeling like i had to apologize for exuding too much

light & thinking please love me & they do & please don't rush this &

they don't & please be my home & they are.

                 Video by Brennen Bariso / North by Northwestern

"Even if it makes me blind, I just want to see the light."

The Future