On Feb. 28, world peace was restored. The original JB Jonas Brothers returned, and with their glorious renewal came “Sucker,” their first single in almost six years.

Nick, Joe and Kevin (in order of best vocals, sorry) separated in 2013 because the band caused problems within their family. In the next six years, Nick took a solo route and released two albums, Nick Jonas X2 and Last Year Was Complicated – both of which had a few major hits such as “Chains” from X2 and “Champagne Problems” from the latter. Joe formed a band called DNCE and had only one hit, “Cake By The Ocean.” Kevin had a TV show and did some real-estate development (we really don’t care).

However, about seven to eight months ago, the band decided to come back together and they are now preparing a whole album to drop this year. “Sucker” is the perfect preview and comeback song of what’s to come. The song is loving, pumped up and banging. Nick and Joe show off their distinct vocals as the trio dedicates the song to Nick's and Kevin’s wives and Joe’s fiancée.

The brothers always released bops –  “Lovebug,” “Burnin’ Up” and “Year 3000” are just a couple of their top songs. “Sucker” is about how much they love their significant others –  they’ll “go anywhere blindly” for their loves. The upbeat ballad matches the tone of their previous music, but the lyrics and sound are more mature. The Jonases have grown up and the video shows it, which had 19 million views within the first day.

This newest song is raunchy but sweet. They executed the video perfectly, which features both them and their ladies in Queen Elizabeth I’s childhood home. The colorful video excites the crowd and shows just how much work they put into coming together again.

Not only has their music adapted, but the boys’ vocals are significantly stronger than before. Nick and Joe cater to their strengths, with Nick’s expansive vocal range directing the song and Joe’s deeper voice adding a sultry sound to the bars. They don’t compete with each other, but rather they create a beautiful harmony that makes the song so great.

“Sucker” is by no means great just because the Jonas Brothers released it. The song surpasses people loving it just because they love the brothers, but rather “Sucker” has fun lyrics, a strong beat and great vocals.

The Jonas Brothers have much more in store, and they’ve already proved that they’re ready to be back in business. Oh, and they might have a concert coming up soon. We’ll be there.