With the stress of midterm season, endless club responsibilities and the onset of sunless days, it becomes easy to forget Halloween is right around the corner. Just because you procrastinated both that paper and buying a costume doesn’t mean all hope is lost. You just gotta see it “with other eyes.”

A last-minute costume doesn't have to be generic or expensive. Colored contacts are the perfect addition to an otherwise jaded vampire, standard witch or boring ghost. Don’t know where to look? I’ve got you covered.

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A local since high school, this was my favorite place to shop for colored contacts on a budget. The contacts average $20, plus they’re having a Halloween sale, so most items are even cheaper. If you’re concerned about whether these lenses have power to them, don’t be. I have -9.50 in both eyes and I’ve been able to purchase contacts from here with no problems. It’s also my favorite website because they don’t require you to upload a prescription from the optometrist. But attention: Uniqso is internationally based, so while standard shipping isn’t too expensive, 3-5 day shipping will range from $15 to $20.

One of the best pairs of colored contacts I ever purchased from Uniqso was the Dolly Eye Twilight Red. Evidenced by the fact that they’re sold out in most prescriptions, one can argue they’re worth the purchase. They make the perfect final touch to any vampire costume or the absolute must-have accessory if you’re just trying to channel Lupita Nyong’o at the London movie premiere of “Us” vibes.

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PinkyParadise has a greater selection of contacts so it’s my go-to whenever Uniqso lacks what I was looking for. It also tends to fall within the same price range as Uniqso, although its ongoing Halloween sale might further drop the cost. Though a fantastic site, it requires a valid prescription for you to complete your order, which can be annoying if you don’t actually wear glasses. Shipping for PinkyParadise is also international, so while standard rates are cheaper, express 2-5 day shipping averages to about $20.

I once bought their EOS Fairy Pink colored contacts— which certainly turned heads with its unique and bright hue. This is the perfect pair for someone wishing to drop jaws with a Jinx from League of Legends costume. Or if you just want something more low-key, it’ll certainly make a regular Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls costume stand out.

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I’ve been buying contact lenses since the fourth grade, and can guarantee when it comes to colored contacts the sites mentioned above do not disappoint. They have frequent sales and regularly include freebies in your order, an added bonus that can help you feel justified when you’ve spent too much on last-minute shipping. And with that, happy shopping and happy Halloween!

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