Not everyone gets this oppor-choon-ity!

British pop sensation Harry Styles brought his high-octane show, Love on Tour, to our backyard for a six-night residency at United Center starting Oct. 8. His arrival marks the increase of gorgeous men in the Chicago area to a total of one. Styles’ close friendship with collaborator Alessandro Michele, the eccentric and maximalist creative director of Gucci, has proved beneficial throughout the latter half of the former One Direction member's career. Styles embraces flamboyance and play in his onstage Gucci ensembles consisting of flared trousers, shimmery vests, suspenders and the occasional feather boa.

Despite the singer’s commitment to dressing to the nines, it was the fans who stole the show. Boas, funky trousers, sequins and glitter were all the rage throughout his tour. We asked Northwestern students who attended the festivities to share their thoughts on the show and some of their favorite looks.

Medill fourth-year Sara Frank (with the red boa) and friends at the show. Photo courtesy of Sara Frank.

“This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. There was something amazing about the energy in the place — everyone was so happy, kind and eager to have a fun time. I liked how engaging Harry was with the audience — he took some time to address some posters and talk to fans. Also, his energy is off the charts with his dancing and prancing around the stage while he performs,” said Medill fourth-year Sara Frank.

Weinberg fourth-year Aditi Ghei (in green) and her friend enroute to the show. Photo courtesy of Aditi Ghei.

“I love Harry because I’ve been a fan since fifth grade in the One Direction X Factor days. He just feels so nostalgic and safe and has also changed and adapted so much over the years. He has grown in his confidence, and he expresses himself so honestly. He pulls off things I’d never think of or dream of doing,” said Weinberg fourth-year Aditi Ghei.

Weinberg second-year Raya Bryant Young (in the center) and friends at The United Center after the show. Photo courtesy of Raya Bryant Young.

“What I liked about the show was definitely the community. Harry and his fans just have the best energy and it's so fun seeing everyone get dressed up and have fun,” said Weinberg second-year Raya Bryant Young.

Medill fourth-year Lunden Mason beams in hot pink at the United Center. Photo courtesy of Lunden Mason. 

“I chose this outfit because I wanted to wear bright, fun colors and lots of pink! I chose the bright green with the pink because it reminded me of the song  `Watermelon Sugar’ and kept the pink going with pink butterfly clips and eyeshadow!” said Medill fourth-year Lunden Mason.

Medill second-year Astry Rodriguez strikes a pose at the venue. Photo courtesy of Astry Rodriguez.

“I thought a cute, flowy, ruffled top matched the fun vibe at his concerts. For the pants, I just love his obsession with fruit and how he often uses them as metaphors in his songs. On social media, a lot of people call him “fruit man” and I just thought it was really silly in the best way possible. I also love strawberries, so I thought the pants were really adorable,” said Medill second-year Astry Rodriguez.

Weinberg fourth-year Julia Greenberg (in the center) and friends at the show. Photo courtesy of Julia Greenberg.
A close up of Julia’s Depop find. Photo courtesy of Julia Greenberg.

“I chose this outfit because I hadn’t picked anything out yet right before we were leaving. I bought this shirt on Depop and hadn’t worn it yet and thought it would be fun though it doesn’t really have anything to do with Harry Styles aesthetic,” Weinberg fourth-year Julia Greenberg said.

Thumbnail courtesy of Erin MC licensed under CC by 2.0.