Mayfest Productions has announced Jai Wolf as its first mainstage artist for Digital Dillo 2020. The Bangaldeshi EDM music producer based in New York came into the scene with his hit single “Indian Summer” in 2015.

The Cure to Loneliness, Wolf's freshman full-length album, was released last spring and featured collaborations with artists such as Day Wave, Robokid, and Dressage. Within 12 tracks, Jai Wolf condenses tough topics such as love and loss into a dreamy, nostalgic project that delves deep in his own psyche.

“In my heart, this album is me,” Jai Wolf said in an interview with Mom and Pop.

Wolf's careful treatment of relevant subjects like isolation and fear captured the attention of Mayfest Productions during its search for artists to headline the first ever virtual Dillo.  

“During a time where the world is social distancing and staying at home, this album serves a pertinent reminder that we are never truly alone,” said Mayfest Productions Booking Committee member Alexandra Chung in a statement. “While this project may not truly be ‘the cure to loneliness,’  its comforting message is the closest thing to a cure we can  get.”

With a lush, pop-esque aesthetic, Jai Wolf’s music will hopefully transcend and bring together the Northwestern community with a sense of togetherness through our screens.