If you haven’t read part one of our reactions to looks from the 2023 Met Gala, go read those first!

Now, onto the rest of the best ‘fits!

Paris Hilton

Lianna: Stunning at her first Met Gala in an atypical black gown!

Ali: This is such a slay from Paris. Totally different to see her in a black gown. She looks so classy, and the leather aspect is definitely interesting. She’s not the most on theme, but definitely one of the better gowns on the carpet.

Baz Lurhmann

Lianna: A cool color blocking moment! On theme, of course.

Ali: This is so Chanel I’m convinced Lagerfeld rose from the grave to dress Baz Lurhmann. The geometric lines, the skirt. He is setting the standard for the men at the Met.

Alton Mason

Lianna: The first Black man to walk for Chanel and, tonight, the Chanel bride!! As he said, it's a full circle moment for sure. Love.

Ali: Such a unique take on the Chanel bride. Like Devon Aoki, Alton Mason’s presence makes him de facto on theme. The veil is such a great touch, the accessories make this outfit. Bravo Alton.

Jeremy Pope

Lianna: An incredible ensemble with Karl’s face displayed on the cape.

Ali: From the front, Jeremy Pope isn’t doing anything special. The back is just a walking Lagerfeld advertisement. Not trying to be a hater, but I think there’s better ways to pay tribute.

Pedro Pascal

Lianna: IN RED AND SHORTS??? Ugh both a zaddy and on-theme.

Ali: His knees are sending me. Call me skeptical but I have no clue what this vibrant red Valentino ensemble has to do with Lagerfeld. He seems like he’s having fun. Carry on.

Erykah Badu

Lianna: I really like her fit. It’s giving Kida from Atlantis goes to the Met.

Ali: I really hope that she can see? Like when I saw this I was low-key concerned she would trip on the steps. It’s giving Sia. But I give props to anyone who breaks fashion rules successfully.

Cardi B (second look)

Lianna: This is not what I was expecting at all – I really like the big ball gown and her hair, but not loving the tuxedo. It’s a diff take on Karl’s iconic look, tho def on theme.

Ali: I love this for her. It’s a different kind of extravagant, which is expected from Cardi B on red carpets. I love her take on Lagerfeld’s classic look, it’s so classy and the silhouette really shines!

Stephanie Hsu

Lianna: Gorgeous!!

Ali: It is scientifically impossible for Stephanie to not serve. Like Cardi, she’s taken Lagerfeld’s classic look and made it her own. No choice but to stan.

Teyana Taylor:

Lianna: A bootylicious take on Karl’s iconic suit and tie (and mini pony-tail) look.

Ali: Yet another example of tweed and accessorizing done RIGHT. This is golden. Also, what is it with the cut-out theme at this Met??

Lil Nas X:

Lianna: A silver cat, and the slayest I’ve ever seen.  

Ali: Three out of three Choupette references. On theme for Lil Nas X.


Lianna: Adorable, chic, I love the entire ensemble.

Ali: This is SUCH a serve. It’s an archival 90s Chanel look recreated specifically for Jennie – this is so rare I could cry. The iconic camellia in the middle paired with the choker is just amazing. This is the theme, y’all.

Kristen Stewart

Lianna: Mommy.

Ali: But also Daddy? Like Kristen is out-serving all the men!

Sydney Sweeney

Lianna: Giving Alice out of Wonderland if Alice grew up and became a Hollywood movie star.

Ali: My hot take is that this is just not great. I get the black bow is a nod to Lagerfeld, but the rest of the outfit is just Miu Miu (the designer of the dress) and the large bow is tacky. This isn’t anything new for her. For a great take on the classic black bow, see Nicole Kidman.

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe

Lianna: Oh look, it’s an alumnus in the wild. Alexi slayed, sorry Seth. You did okay, but at least button your jacket.

Ali: Once again, this is too simple and could literally be used for any red carpet. It’s giving the Golden Globes, not the Met Gala.

Ashley Graham

Lianna: It’s giving glamor and Barbie at the Met!! Love.

Ali: This dress is inspired by 80s Chanel Haute Couture, and it channels Chanel so well while still being really true to the contemporary moment. This is gorgeous and Ashley wears it so well. Bravo Ashley!

Jackson Wang

Lianna: If you read my and Ashley’s Coachella story you already know I’m in love with this man. 10/10, absolutely ATE this look, Karl’s iconic look but made 1000% cooler.

Ali: I concur. The sunglasses make the outfit. Flawless.

Naomi Campbell

Lianna: Gorgeous, show stopping, incredible. She could wear a trash bag and I’d say she slayed.

Ali: I honestly don’t have a lot to say here. It’s beautiful but it doesn’t scream Chanel or Fendi to me.

Olivia Rodrigo

Lianna: Love this Beetlejuice inspired fit. On theme because of the colors, and the camellia flower for Chanel is a nice touch! Can’t unsee Beetlejuice, though.

Ali: I’m sorry, but this is terrible. It’s technically on theme, but it’s just terrible.

Alexandra Daddario

Lianna: As always, a queen. Love this flowing, gold-embroidery and her earrings.

Ali: This woman is one of the most gorgeous people yet is consistently done dirty by her stylist. This dress is fine, but she deserves so much more.

Conan Gray


Ali: The fan and pearls are classic Lagerfeld. Love. Conan delivers yet another serve.


Lianna: I mean, at this point are we even surprised!! She wrote the assignment.

Ali: I see the vision but I feel like Lizzo could have done even more with this. A partial slay, like 1/3rd slay.

Nicole Kidman

Lianna: In the same dress she wore for her campaign??? Ugh a queen and slayed honestly. On theme for sure!!

Ali: This is one of the best looks of the night. Nicole Kidman referencing herself in her Chanel ad is the best thing she could have done, and she delivered. I am in awe. I bow down to you, Nicole!

Bella Ramsey

Lianna: I LOVE this— such a unique silhouette and really complements her. A really fun take on the theme that breaks gender stereotypes in fashion!

Ali: This is cute, don’t have much to say other than it’s on theme and it works.

Ke Huay Quan

Lianna: So stylish, and simply on theme. Love this man.

Ali: When have we ever known this man to be badly dressed? An expected slay from him. Love to see it!

Lily James

Lianna: All leather!!! Ugh, I love this departure from her more classically feminine styles. She looks incredible.  

Ali: I don’t love it. It’s giving early 2000s emo girl. I feel like there’s a good way to execute a leather dress (see: Paris Hilton) but this is too much. Perhaps a slay if we were at the VMAs and the VMAs were also a funeral.

Ava Max

Lianna: I love this beautiful white number!!!

Ali: At first I didn’t love it, but it’s grown on me and now I really love it. It’s so elegant and the pearls are so Lagerfeld. I feel like this is the vibe Kim K wanted to exude, but Ava Max just did it better. She looks ethereal!!

Vera Wang

Lianna: Love a tulle moment from this incredible designer herself! Don’t know if it’s super on theme but she can do whatever she wants.

Ali: The tulle and leather gloves combination is really interesting. I’m also not convinced this is super on theme, but who am I to question a designer…

Kerry Washington

Lianna: Slayyyyyy me!!!!! Ugh, she’s so gorgeous. And on theme with the jacket!

Ali: This is so beautiful and minimal, but executed extremely well. It doesn’t say Lagerfeld to me, but it is definitely stunning, so no complaints.


Lianna: I lovvvveeee this so much. The silk, the high sleeve, and the surprising shoe choice do it for me.

Anitta: They said “Take five” and Anitta heard “Save lives.” Definitely another standout from the Met this year. This dress is stunning, it is so haute couture in exactly the way I would imagine Lagerfeld to design it. I can’t get enough. This is how you dress for the Met Gala, take notes people.

Halle Bailey

Lianna: Omgggggg giving Ariel in the most subtle but best way!!!! She’s so pretty. This is a theme departure I’m on board with. But I can see how it’s inspired by Karl’s use of glitz and color.

Ali: This is ART. I have to agree with Lianna, not hitting the theme right on the mark, but it’s so stunning I do not care. She is serving face and serving body and I am in awe.

Rita Ora

Lianna: My jaw is on the floor.

Ali: Definitely top ten dresses of the night. There are no words for this. I won’t even attempt to convey the depths of this slay. Once again, the accessories make the dress.

Emma Chamberlain (first look)

Lianna: Okay, I didn’t think her interviewing outfit was a slay, but it was on theme; her red carpet one, however, was both!

Ali: Look, I am Emma’s number one stan (ask any of my friends), but this just is a miss for me. I get that it’s a deconstructed version of the iconic 90s Chanel pantsuit, but it just doesn’t work. The bedazzled bodice and cropped jacket scream Miu Miu (the designer) and are distinctly not Lagerfeld. Her interviewing outfit, however, was way more on theme and definitely an Emma take on Chanel, and I would have loved to see her rock that the entire night.

Anok Yai

Lianna: Okay she definitely blew everyone out of the park and is getting the recognition she deserves for this INCREDIBLE LOOK!!! OML! Such a serve.

Ali: After my tie for first, this is my second favorite look. There are no words in the American lexicon for this look. It is genuinely the biggest serve I have ever seen.


Lianna: Well, Rihanna was well worth the wait! After the livestream ended and the carpet nearly closed, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky absolutely DEMOLISHED the carpet with their incredible looks!! Rihanna’s beautiful white, wedding-esque gown was a beautiful ode to the traditional finales  of Chanel shows. It’s safe to say that Rihanna is still the reigning Queen of the Met Gala, a title I don’t see her relinquishing anytime soon!!

Ali: Ending the night with a bang, Rihanna arrives four hours late in a camellia-covered and Chanel-inspired bridal gown. I have passed away. She proves once and again that Rihanna OWNS the Met Gala. Please reincarnate me as her next baby.

Phew! Ali and I are going to go take a nap after all this reacting. Which look was your favorite? Disagree with any of our opinions? Let us know on Twitter and TikTok!