We’ve all had to make some adjustments lately (my Medill professors will forgive me if I skip the nut graf because everyone knows what I’m talking about). Yes, this spring has not been about romance or excitement but rather air-borne droplets in the air! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t roll with the punches. For example, my mom used to work on TV and disclosed that presenters only dress up their upper half, which is an approach that I have been using for remote learning.

Not everything has been peaches and cream, let me tell you! As if I’m not usually the only one at restaurant gatherings to awkwardly get up and go wash my hands before the appetizers arrive, my germaphobia is now more active than ever.

At least I have time for activities that I’d never get around to doing otherwise, like practicing traditional recipes. They’re a little more difficult and less relaxing than baking trendy sourdough bread, though.



But you know what? This time has taught me to appreciate things in life that I often overlook, like the beautiful neighborhood gardens in Bonn, Germany where I’m sheltering with my family. Here the climate is soft enough for LUSCIOUS roses. “Breakout Room 5,” who gave me blank looks when I started blubbering about flowers in response to our professor’s prompt to share what is important to us during this pandemic, I’m talking to you too! Class of 2020, I hope this fragment of time is just the turbulent storm before our life unfolds and blooms in colors we never imagined.

Illustrations and writing by Masha Dolgoff.