Photo from Pixabay / Licensed by Creative Commons

Towering beauty blinds the sky

The darling hazel lures them in

They who hack the lungs

The ones which bestow their breath

Amaranthine aqua adrift to and fro

Soaking in its fatal fate

One in which they coerced her

To lose her limbs and lust for play

Long live the two legged rodent

Wary of beauty, beings of sight

Dreading scars or a bead of blood

But willing to fight for their own light

Yet she is of utter resilience

Tearing the chains tabled by temptation

Revived, she inhales the novel air

Ready to play with the rain, retaliation

Her artistry is infinite

She is benevolent as a breeze

Beware rodents, those of you who joust her

For they shall never outlast in tranquility