Le Peep has it all: comfort food, brunch, lunch, pancakes and a wholesome dining experience. Fresh. Homey. Flavorful. And only a 10-minute walk from the Arch.

Le Peep is famous for its breakfasts and brunches: it was ranked #1 in Houston and Denver by the Houston and Denver Post. They have generous portions and honor Northwestern customers with a 10% discount. They also surprise their customers with their pancake of the month – the November special is peanut butter and banana pancakes.

One Saturday in November, my friend and I had a delicious Le Peep brunch. She ordered a Spinach and Pesto Breakfast Sandwich with sauteed spinach, melted cheddar cheese, avocado slices, and scrambled eggs all spiced with red pepper flakes. She also ordered fruit on the side which, according to her, was very fresh. The main dish had the right amount of pepper, the egg/spinach/avocado blend was delightful, and the pesto sauce was the cherry on top!

As for my order, I created my own omelet! I asked for a tomato, mozzarella, and spinach omelet with a toasted English muffin and sauteed potatoes. Le Peep offers a variety of options to choose from when building an omelet: 6 different types of cheese, including Brie, and 8 types of meat, including lobster and smoked salmon. Customers can also add vegetables and top it off with one of five sauces. I definitely recommend building your omelet. This dish was everything I wanted on a rainy Saturday morning, and it was the ideal way to get my greens early in the day.

My friend and I then shared a blueberry pancake with whipped cream and bright red sweet strawberries. The pancake also had fresh blueberry jam, melted butter and warm maple syrup. It all blended together perfectly into a fluffy and tasty pancake that filled me with joy - a solid 10/10.

Le Peep can get a bit crowded and loud so I would recommend arriving early for breakfast/brunch or lunch. Sometimes there is a waiting list but they tend to turn tables over quickly – regardless, it is definitely worth the wait.

All in all, Le Peep is a great option to take a break from the quarter system hustle and have a home-cooked style meal with your friends. Perfect for a weekend brunch!

Photos by Isabella Costa / North by Northwestern