What happened:

Although the Mueller report didn’t find President Trump guilty or exonerated of the charges of obstruction of justice, the contents of the investigation have Americans wondering about the future of his presidency. Some, including presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren, are calling for the House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings. Others are speculating what the information in the report will mean for the upcoming 2020 election.

Graphic by Gabrielle Rabon / North by Northwestern

What students thought:

We polled 35 students at the Norris University Center on April 25. They were each asked, “How will the Trump presidency end?”

While the majority of students believed that Trump will run again and lose, a small portion of responders thought he will run again and win.

Whatever uncertainty students had about whether he would be victorious in 2020, no one thought he would be impeached. Impeachment proceedings start in the House of Representatives, where the Democrats have the majority, but also must pass through the Senate, which has a Republican majority. Communication senior Becca Schwartz had little faith in Congress being able to organize.

"I don't think they [Congress] are going to get their shit together," she said “I think he’s going to run again and lose.”

Weinberg sophomore Jana Kim considered the decision not to impeach as a more strategic move.

"I was reading an article about how some Democrats don't want to try to impeach him because there's statistics that say if someone is impeached but not actually voted out of office, their approval ratings go up," she said. "So if you do that right before the next election, he might be more likely to win.”