President Donald Trump placed an additional $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese products coming into the U.S. If you want to learn more about what this really means, check out our ~fun + flirty~ Too Afraid to Ask. Essentially, these tariffs mean that almost everything labeled with a “Made in China” sticker will come with a higher price tag.

Now, if hypothetically, you wanted to find and buy the strangest products sold on Taobao, a Chinese online shopping website, you would either have to bear the extra cost or wait until these trade talks defused, but considering how long they’ve been going on for, you might have to wait a while for that to happen.

On Wednesday, I took advantage of the rare warm weather and braved my allergies to ask 21 Northwestern students in and around Norris to imagine they were free of the college debt they are probably drowning in and decide which of the strangest Chinese products they would buy.

Graphic created by Maia Brown / North by Northwestern 

Given the choice between hiring someone to express their love, Kung Fu Secrets: 30-day astral-projection (which is creating an intentional out-of-body experience) training course, a dog translator and a mini nuclear reactor, two-thirds of students chose dog translator. The rest chose Kung Fu Secrets. No one wanted to admit to struggles in expressing their love or confess secret desires to buy a nuclear reactor.

“My dog is my best friend,” said Medill sophomore Rachel Mendelson. “I love him. I look in his eyes, and I just know what he’s feeling. I feel like we do communicate, and I really think he has the mind of a person, but I would like to know what he’s thinking.”

Many others felt a similar way toward their canine companions that is unless they wanted an out-of-body experience.