What happened:

Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III completed his investigation on Russian interference in the 2016 election and determined that President Trump and his campaign officials did not conspire with Russia. However, this report did not provide sufficient evidence to exonerate Trump on the issue of obstruction of justice.

Although the House of Representatives voted for the full report to be made public, Attorney General William Barr has yet to release it. Barr, who has the power and discretion to release the investigation’s findings, is currently redacting sensitive information from the report and plans to release it by mid-April. Recently, some people who worked on the case have said that the findings from the investigation are more damaging than Barr explained in his summary.

Graphic by Maia Brown / North by Northwestern

What students thought:

NBN asked 30 students, “Do you think the full Mueller report is more damaging than Barr revealed?” Polling was conducted in Norris University Center on Monday, April 8, for an hour.

Most students agreed that the Mueller report is more damaging than Barr revealed, but Communication freshman Enrique Eguiguren felt that this would have little effect on the public and for the administration.

“If the full report comes out, and I’m sure it eventually will, it would be more damaging than the Barr summation, but also no one’s going to care," he said. "Nothing’s going to change.”

Communication sophomore Ruchir Khazanchi said the situation was an indication of how the current government makes information inaccessible.

“The way our country is being governed, the access to information that we have is just less than optimal,” Khazanchi said. “Things are being skewed in a way that would make the president look better just because right now, he has the power to dictate the image that he presents in the media and what information gets out.”