Every spring, Northwestern students from every major wait in anxious anticipation for Mayfest to announce the artist lineup for Dillo Day. The anticipation this year was heightened due to delayed lineup announcements, leading North By Northwestern to wonder, “What’s everyone’s dream Dillo lineup?”

Students answered an anonymous Google Form to choose five artists and one campus band, with the stipulation that their lineup had to be somewhat budget-realistic — that meant no lineups of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. Without further ado, NBN presents: NU's Dream Dillo lineups.

What's your school at Northwestern?

What would you say is your favorite music genre?

Choose the evening headliner (biggest artist).

Choose a second artist.

Choose a third performer.

Choose a fourth performer.

Choose a fifth performer (typically an up-and-comer).

Choose a campus artist/band/DJ!

Three respondents said they would like to see first-year band Muse etc. perform. Another said they would like to see student DJ Vitamin K.

Photo by Kim Jao / North by Northwestern

Thumbnail graphic by Kim Jao / North by Northwestern