There’s a perception in Night City that once you make it to the top, you’re out of the game. Going all-in lets you cash out, right? Make enough eddies and you can retire to a villa on the Riviera or a high-rise in Corpo Plaza, hanging up your iron for good. Remember this about NC and happy endings: wrong city, wrong people. The rat race never ends – the mice running at the top are just purer-bred and faster, probably because they’re able to access designer drugs. Even the ultra-rich get their hands dirty with skullduggery and sabotage. As bank accounts get fatter, the schemes get slicker and even mercs can play the part of the classy corpo-criminal. They say fake it til’ you make it, right? Put on your Jinguji two-piece and stick an expensive silencer to the barrel of your piece – it’s time to get back to work and earn those sweet, sweet eurodollars.

Remember not to get blood on your suit – dry cleaning is expensive.

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