Good morning, Night City

A day in the life

I was on my own, catching a ride

With the lady, her hair hangs down past her thighs

Blue-rimmed pistol, she satisfies

Leather jacket, zipped up tight

Man down, big ones coming, look for lost and found

Iron gleams bright in Night City

Where your appetite wears you out till sunrise

        -Artemis Delta and R E L, Night City

I ain't your average sicko

I'm dead, just like disco

My bank account is zero, zero, zero, oh no!

I think I need a hero

I don't have no ego

'Cause I'm spinnin' out now, whoa

        -Rat Boy and IBDY, Who’s Ready for Tomorrow

I couldn't wait for you to come and clear the cupboard

But now you're gone and leaving nothing but a sign

Another evening I'll be sitting reading in between your lines

Because I miss you all the time

So, get away

Another way to feel what you didn't want yourself to know

And let yourself go

You know you didn't lose your self-control

Let's start at the rainbow

Turn away

Another way to be where you didn't want yourself to go

And let yourself go

Is that a compromise?

     -Hallie Coggins and Rosa Walton, I Really Want To Stay at Your House

Well, everyone, that’s the last of my postcards from Night City. It’s been a joy guiding you through the beautiful and ugly world of Cyberpunk 2077, from the crime-riddled streets to the corpo-rat-infested towers. We’ve gone from the city center to the Badlands, seen what rich and poor do in broad daylight and after hours. 2077 might seem like a long ways away, but the more the world changes, the more it stays the same.

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Thumbnail by Conner Dejecacion.