Bathroom selfies can be eye-opening experiences. A well-taken photo can leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle the rest of your hectic day. On the other hand, a selfie captured in a poorly-lit bathroom with the trash can poking out from the side of your hip in the mirror? A tragically sobering experience.

Therefore, in my first few weeks as a freshman here at Northwestern, I’ve developed my list of my top five bathroom hotspots. Get your cameras ready, Wildcats — it’s time to take a tour of the stalls.

underrated bathroom GIF by Golden Globes

5. 560 Lincoln  

The Lincoln bathrooms have served me well during my short time here, even though I rarely make the trek up north. The lighting is fantastic and the facilities are clean. This is the place to visit when you are your friends are feeling their outfits on a night out. The one on the first floor has multiple stalls, so it’s best for group selfies.

Credit to Maggie Wong

4. Shepard Hall

Shepard bathrooms have the best lightning of any common floor bathrooms in South Campus. Most also have multiple mirrors placed on different walls, giving you ample freedom to take photos from various angles. Another great aspect of these bathrooms is that the trash cans and soap dispensers are conveniently located outside the mirror’s view, so they won’t be in the shot.

Credit to Akinele Reece

3. Searle Health Center

I personally have not been to the bathrooms at Searle, but the reviews I’ve heard from my friends are nothing but positive. As with the Shepard bathrooms, the trash can is placed so it doesn’t show up in mirror selfies. The lighting is particularly amazing, and the stalls are perfect for when you’re particularly feeling confident about your fit.

Credit to Andrew Kim

2. Kresge

Ah yes, the classic—Kresge bathrooms. These bathrooms probably see the most daily foot traffic, and despite how busy they can get, the facilities do not disappoint. Equipped with a full-length mirror and multiple regular mirrors hanging above the various sinks, there is no shortage of reflective surfaces in this place. I often see people on Instagram snapping #OOTDs on their stories using the full-length mirror, so feel no shame in your mini photoshoot. Also, a word of advice: the bathrooms on the ground floor aren’t as great for photos. Stick to the second floor and upward levels.

Credit to Zaria Howell

1. Willard First Floor Lounge—the gender-neutral stall to the right

Now, this is by far my favorite bathroom for selfies. I may be biased because I live in Willard, but trust me when I say this bathroom consistently serves as the best spot for photos. The lighting makes my skin look great, even on its worst days. You can still see the soap dispenser and the bag hook in the occasional photo, but the lighting is so good you can’t go wrong. And the trash can is always out of sight, which keeps the selfie clean and classy. So if you find yourself in Fran’s looking great and wanting to document the day—first floor to your right is the place to go.

Credit to Melissa Santoyo

Northwestern is a big school with lots of bathrooms. But despite all the poorly-lit stalls and scary latrines in Deering, there are places that stand out as excellent photoshoot locations. Don’t believe me? Grab your camera and try it out!