Graphic by Giovana Gelhoren / North by Northwestern


Lavender, lavender, lavender! The sight of you creates a sensation
That I have longed for my entire life. O’ your creation was the
Blessing they said I would receive. But never did I think that you,
The blessing would bestow such hold upon my very being and capture
All of my sensations from sight to smell.

Joie de vivre! Life seemed to all make sense at this very moment in time.
Lavender, something about you made all the darkness fade away and in came
A light I never thought I would see. In the most unexpected form you came
Dressed in purple,  a purple so soft and gentle to the Naked eye.

The grace that you carry yourself with left me mesmerized. One might even say starstruck. Lost for words, out of breath, heart skipping two beats instead of one, all the regularities became irregularities when I noticed you.

But I guess that's just how it goes…

It was an instant connection like the dagger that caught the eye of Hamlet.
Seemingly out of thin air you were there, revealed by the rays of the gleaming Sun.
And in that moment you became etched into the vinyl of my memory.

I know I shouldn’t pick you, I know I shouldn’t… But how can I not? I’m
Drawn to not just the beauty that you present on the outside, but even more
So the depth beneath your purple hue and what lies inside.

A heart that is Purer than the Virgin Mary and a bliss that can calm the
Storm of Ida.

Lavender. That is you.


The waves and the sand collided at the same time my eyes locked
In on you. There you were in olive, shone on by the intensity
Of the Sun that lies between us.

You stood there ever so gracefully, like the sound of harmonic chimes
In the midst of a windy night. I pondered to myself: Who, Why, and
How? Who is the beauty that stands before me in the color I love?
Why is my heart beating faster than normal? Has she unlocked an
Emotion within me? And more importantly why? Why this moment,
Why here and Why now?

But who I am to question, why, for the All-Knowing has the answers and
The plan for me. So without hesitation I looked into eyes that had a hint
Of gold within the iris and asked for your name.

In that moment I knew there was something rare and special about you.
Your aura, your grace, your energy, everything about you made me feel
Something indescribable. Could that be love? Could the love that I have
Never received be right here, right now, with you?

Only time will tell. But for now I hold the image of you in olive at
The forefront of my mind and forever in my heart.


Time. An unusual concept when you think about it. For
Some there is never enough time; for others all they have is Time.
But for us is where it gets tricky.

We have years but sometimes that feels like only mere days.
Four years, exactly. Can we do it or will we simply run
Out of time?

I can’t say that I have the answer to that question but I do know this:
You are the one for me. There is no other besides you.

And maybe That’s cliche but it’s the truth.
So no matter how many seconds, minutes
Hours, or even days pass by, it will always be you.

You are always on my mind. I can’t help it, you fulfill the empty void within me.
And I have no clue if you think the same or if you ever will.
But I’d be a fool if I didn’t express how I feel for you before
Time creeps up on us.

So here I am, right here right now
expressing in type what I can’t seem to say in words:

A pesar de que no puedo bailar, ¿estarías dispuesta a ser mi pareja
Hasta el final de los tiempos?