South Deering

Warm-colored vines crawl up Deering Library, only to fall away in winter. I sought to capture Northwestern University’s campus in two different seasons to reminisce and remind myself to pay closer attention to my surroundings. See and explore how the campus changes between late fall and early winter.

Stairs from Main Library to Norris

As views of campus change, students and faculty adapt to the colder climate. Brisk autumn days bring perfect weather to go on a walk outside, but as winter arrives, some people would rather stay inside on a cold weekend with a cup of hot cocoa.

Fisk Hall Main Entrance

I’ve learned from this experience that architectural photography heavily depends on the season and time of day, influencing the editing style to cater to the warm tones in the fall versus the cold hues of the winter. As the last few leaves hang on to the trees in front of Fisk Hall, the moon in the winter photo is a poetic tribute to the late nights journalism students spend working on their stories.

Stairs between the South and East Main Towers

The striking difference between the two seasons can be seen clearly at the stairs between the South and East towers of Main Library. The vibrant orange and piles of leaves allowed students to experience fall’s beauty before the transition into an Evanston winter when snow blankets the ground.

South entrance to University Hall

These photographs showcase a small portion of the changing seasons around Northwestern with a focus on the way students and faculty experience the campus. Get ready very soon for the spring, as flowers will begin blossoming before your eyes.