If you’re like me, Dillo Day is your favorite day of the year at Northwestern. You drudge through the winter months with the shining end goal of Dillo. Even though we can’t physically be together, a good Dillo outfit is still essential for that group zoom call you’re probably going to have. But maybe we don’t have to go all out.

For the past five years, I have been an avid music festival and concert-goer… so I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to makeup, hair and, of course, an iconic outfit. I’ve compiled a bunch of old pictures from previous music events to serve as the inspiration for your zoom-ready Dillo look. Throw your jean cutoffs and mini skirts out the door! You won’t be needing them this year. This Dillo is all about comfort and style from the waist up!

First Look:

I wore this look to Music Midtown in Atlanta the summer after my freshman year. Easy and comfortable! I paired this oversized t-shirt from Forever21 with a pair of simple, black bike shorts and chunky white sneakers. To enhance the look I added a heart stamp to my eye and decorated my head with rainbow hair clips! A look like this is perfect for Dillo this year. Throw on your favorite vibrant, oversized t-shirt and comfy bike shorts. Accessories are a surefire way to add spice to any outfit. Hair clips are particularly great because they help frame the face as well! This attention to detail will go a long way in developing a curated look! Vibrant colors will also really pop on Zoom, making your group’s screenshot picture Instagram-worthy.

Second Look:

I wore this to Dillo Day last year and it was a hit! I went for more of a simple colorblock situation for this look, accessorizing with some chunky jewelry and statement glasses to top it all off. For digital Dillo, it’s a good idea to amp up your outfit for the screen. Maybe throw on some fun layered necklaces. Pop on your favorite tailgating sunglasses I know you have them! And bam, you have yourself a fun look that’s sure to leave an impression both on and off screen!

Third Look:

I wore this fit to Lollapalooza 2018. Yes, this is a dress, which maybe isn’t your go-to idea for digital Dillo, but hear me out. For this outfit, I went for an all mesh look. Mesh is a cool, textured fabric that will definitely stand out on Zoom, making you look a bit more unique. Layer a cool top over that tight-fitting mesh shirt and you have a full look without even trying!

Makeup Makeup Makeup

Fun makeup is a huge game-changer now! Vibrant eyeliners, stickers, stamps and bold lips will show really nicely on Zoom. If bright makeup hasn’t been your thing in the past, now might be the time to try it, especially since the Dillo theme this year is Neon. The look will be a bit diffused on Zoom, so this will be a good chance to experiment. Who knows? You might even want to do it again for class next week!

Wear Whatever You Want

I want to emphasize, you don’t have to put together a statement outfit. Sometimes the most simple outfits are the best. This winter quarter I went to a King Princess concert at the Riviera. I just wore a sweatshirt, jeans, a simple gold chain and sneakers. No makeup. Natural hair. And it was one of my favorite concerts ever. As long as you feel comfortable, confident and ready to have fun, then you’re all set! Now go pick out your digital Dillo look!