This article contains spoilers for Season 42 of “Survivor.”

If you missed the last two episodes of Survivor and have been meaning to catch up, I know there’s one question on your mind. Is Jonathan finally gone? I hate to disappoint, but no. Jonathan – Jeff Probst’s golden boy, Thor look-alike, infamous white guy with dreads – is still in the game. I know there are some Jonathan stans out there, but they can sit down and be quiet, especially given the events of episode nine.

If you remember this point in the game from last season, you know it’s not looking good. The players are randomly split into two groups that will go to tribal council separately, with no chance to strategize or communicate with their allies in the other group. Last season, this spelled disaster for two of the biggest fan-favorite players, Evvie and Naseer. This season, we didn’t lose the most likable people, but shit hit the fan nonetheless.

Episode nine’s randomized groups consisted of Rocksroy, Mike, Romeo, Omar and Hai on one side and Jonathan, Lindsay, Maryanne, Drea and Tori on the other. One person in each group won immunity – Hai and Jonathan.

Things got messy when the two groups went their separate ways to prepare for their respective tribal councils. Earlier in the episode, good ol’ stay-at-home dad Rocksroy came up with the brilliant plan to form an all-male alliance, which he envisioned including all the remaining male players except Romeo. For some reason, Rocksroy wholeheartedly believed all the other men were on board with this and that his group would vote out Romeo unanimously. In a confessional, he said that “guys are more rigid in making a decision” and that he was essentially banking his whole game on the guys. Oh, the irony. Omar and Hai were not on board with this alliance.They arranged a blindside to get Rocksroy out. So much for men being more solid.

This put Rocksroy on the jury bench for the next group’s tribal council. The women in this separated group were completely unaware of Rocksroy’s all-male alliance plan. Drea and Lindsay, who believed they were in a majority alliance with Rocksroy, were particularly surprised. After seeing Chanel and Rocksroy, two Black players, next to each other on the jury bench, Drea played her immunity idol to avoid the pattern of Black players going home like “boom, boom, boom.” Although she never claimed that the white contestants were racist, Drea said she thought this was a pattern “subconsciously” related to race, “a little bit.” But Jonathan took offense to this anyway. He called Drea “aggressive” and complained that Maryanne and Drea, the two Black players in his group, were making the game about race when it wasn’t.

I knew Jonathan was annoying, but I didn’t know he would have the audacity to say such ignorant things to two players who were just explaining how they felt. Of course he also had immunity for this tribal council so he couldn’t even be eliminated.

Both Maryanne and Drea played their immunity idols. Maryanne said she felt like she had no choice but to play hers. She didn’t want people saying that she made it out of tribal council because of her race. Some Survivor fans on social media made that claim anyway, but LBR, Survivor viewers who can’t handle mentions of real world issues like racism, misogyny and homophobia in the show are just not mature enough to watch.

(Also, to all the Maryanne haters, I bet you feel silly after seeing her find another immunity idol in episode 10. She stays winning.)

Tori ended up as the second vote-out of episode nine, so at least we won’t have to watch her irritate the other players anymore.

Oddly, episode 10 had almost no mention of the previous episode's messiness. Instead, the players went full speed ahead with a plan to get rid of Hai. Why oh why does it have to be Hai? I like Hai. I guess that’s the reason most players thought he had to go. He’s too likable, which made him a threat.

But what about Jonathan? He didn’t win immunity this episode – Lindsay did! What an opportunity! For half a second, I had hope.

Jonathan was the alternate vote to Hai, and he got two votes. But with the two girl bosses Drea and Lindsay as strategy masterminds, it was clear: Hai had to be the one to go. If you don’t remember episode one, Drea, Lindsay and Hai all received an advantage that could be used after the merge. The twist was that the advantage gained more power each time one of those players was eliminated. By voting out Hai, Drea and Lindsay transformed their advantage from an “extra vote” to a “steal a vote.”

So it’s bye bye to Hai. Jonathan is still there, but I’m confident that he’s pissing off Lindsay and Drea enough to go home soon. Fingers crossed.