Hi guys, welcome to Episode 12 of Tenny’s Tunes. I am your host Tenny. Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Inspiration: I was very fortunate to be able to perform a cello piano duet of Tchaikovsky’s Nocturne No. 4 with an elderly French gentleman in Aix-en-Provence, France, the summer of 2019. I was studying abroad there for six weeks. Now, I want to return to this piece for memory sake after nearly a year.

Creation: I was planning on recording the common piano solo version that’s in C sharp minor, but the key just didn’t sound right to me personally, perhaps because I originally played the duet version in D minor. So I took a U-turn halfway through recording and decided to stick to D minor key.

Message: Not going to spoil it. We all have our own unique interpretations of this piece. Enjoy!

[“Tchaikovsky Nocturne Op. 19 No. 4 in D minor (piano solo)” performed by Tenny Tsang]

Music performed by Tenny Tsang.