["Summertime," by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald]

Hi y'all, it's Tenny. Welcome to another episode of Tenny's Tunes.

I know it's way past summer at this point for most people living in the Northern Hemisphere, but whenever I come across good music, I share it with you.

When you think of summer, do you picture a desert with the midday sun hovering above it, an air-conditioned living room with board games and TV or the beach filled with people? Bottom line is, we all have our own versions of summer. It's an amorphous concept.

There is this popular mobile game called Arknights, and it's more renowned for its soundtrack than the actual gameplay, which is basically tower defense similar to Plants vs. Zombies. For every major seasonal event like summer fest, Halloween and New Year, the game developer puts out music specific to that event through the hands of "Monster Siren," an in-game music producer.

Two summers ago, Monster Siren published a summer theme song called "Ready?" The fictional in-game artist who performed the song is called "DDD" and is modeled after Marshmello. The piece overall brings up imagery of a sunny day at the beach, people sunbathing, splashing water at each other, making some barbecue and whatever they are allowed to do near the beach. The misty piano sounds create a sense of "coolness" amidst the summer heat.

It's probably easier hearing it for yourself. But due to copyright issues, I won't be playing the original version, just a piano interpretation I recorded a while back. Hope you find it pleasing to the ear. This is NBN Audio. Peace.

["Ready?" DDD, piano version by Tenny Tsang]