[“Tribute to E-Dubble,” arranged by Tenny Tsang]

Hi guys, welcome back to Tenny’s Tunes! I am your host Tenny.

It’s been a while, but I am back! We are continuing this series this year that I started around the same time last year. When I was considering what type of music to talk next, it occurred to me that I haven’t really touched on hip hop and rap. By that, I mean the kind of music that started with The Eagles, Michael Jackson (the King!) from around the ‘70s to OutKast and Kanye West in the 2000s. Of course, we still have very talented artists continuing the genre, but music these days are usually accompanied by some kind of sci-fi sound effects and whatnot.

Anyways, I grew up in China and, throughout my childhood, experienced not only the golden period of C-Pop in the 2000s (something I will touch on in the next episode), but also American and European music. To be fair, 90 percent of which were from Michael Jackson’s albums. It was only when I came to the U.S. that I slowly got to know more about other singers, composers.

Today, I wanna talk about E-Dubble, an online American hip hop rapper/singer. He passed on in February of 2017, over 2 and a half years ago. The very first time I got to know him was in 2017. Sitting on the toilet and browsing through random YouTube videos during my junior year of high school, I came upon an outro music that a youtube gamer used.

The song and the lyrics hooked me instantly. The clash between rational thinking and actions versus the ones driven by pure emotion -- now that is real, authentic stuff. I let the playlist take me to the other E-Dubble songs. Some of my favorites are “Be A King”

[Play “Be A King” by E-Dubble]

What It Do

[Play “What It Do” by E-Dubble]

Robots Can’t Drink

[Play “Robots Can’t Drink” by E-Dubble]

The list goes on. The bottom line is, I let E-Dubble’s music speak for themselves. No wonder people call him The King. I do too. People often say E-Dubble didn’t get as much credit as he really deserved as such a rare talent in hip hop and rap. But I speculate, just like many others, that to him, the numbers were not his priority. It’s doing what he likes to do that continued to fuel his passion for music and give all of us so much joy in listening to him rap and sing.

There are so many awfully talented musicians out there, in all ages. E-Dubble had a unique flair for music, and he will continue to have a special place in our hearts for as long as we live. Even after we die and go to his concert up there. I hope you will come to like E-Dubble too, after you explore more of him on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Thank you again, E-Dubble, for sharing with us your story. My name is Tenny Tsang, and this is NBN Audio. Thank you so much for listening, and tune in next time on Tenny’s Tunes. Bye-bye.

All music used in this episode belong to E-Dubble. I do not make money from this.